The Storyteller
I'm 8 weeks pregnant in this photo =)

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Jenny Lynn Abarabar Santos. Many people call me Jen but my closest friends call me Eny. I am The Reluctant Storyteller.

When I was thinking of a unique name for my blog, I decided on something that would most aptly describe myself: a reluctant storyteller. Truth is, I'm a painfully shy person. I may not look it but I am. In fact, I consider myself an introvert. An outgoing introvert. (Yes, there is such thing.)

I was always a voracious reader as a child. I've always loved curling up with a good book and just keeping myself company all day, every chance I get. It is through reading that I was able to use my imagination and explore a different world. In retrospect, I think that's how I became introverted in the first place. And also because in a family of businessmen, I was the odd one out, as my mind tends to gear towards the creative side rather than the practical side.

My passion for writing started back in high school. I found that it is an effective outlet for me to express the things that I'd otherwise only keep to myself. I also found that writing gives me a way to process my feelings about myself and about other people as well. In short, writing became my moments of revelation.

I used to consider myself a student of life but have since shifted perspective and instead, regard myself a daughter of God and a proud follower of Jesus. It is because of my love for the Lord that I am inspired to continue on this blogging journey as it is my aim to share with you a bit about my faith and how it translates to my everyday life. My experiences as a first time mom, traveler, and lifestyle will also fill out the pages of this blog.

Hop in with me for the ride, yes? This is a journey I am very happy to be making with you.

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  1. I'm glad that I found another Christian Blogger. I really love your post.

    BTW, I found your site in Intentional Blogging - A 21-Day Challenge by Jeff Goins. :)


    1. Thanks, Vinz! I've been to your site as well and I liked what I saw.

      You were an accounting assistant and now an IT student? How courageous of you to pursue your passion. Galing! I'm an accountant by profession too. :)