Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Planning the home

I had no idea building a home can be so tedious.

Seriously, it's like planning a wedding all over again. I feel the excitement, the joy, the stress, and yes, even the drain that comes with pursuing passion projects.

I had a vision in mind on how my next home is going to look like. The Pinterest-worthy kind. But my ideas are bumped off along the way as I am hindered by limitations in space and budget. And then other ideas - doable ones - come in which proves to be more problematic than helpful because they were nowhere in my vision at the onset. Obviously, because they're new ideas.

But of course the only way to go is to ride the waves and make the most of what I have. When Plan A doesn't work, go to Plan B, or to Plan C, or to Plan Z, until everything fits perfectly.

I am actually getting a bit anxious already because the design process is taking more time than I had expected. The new ideas look promising, but I worry about the overall effect it would have on my initial vision.

But I guess I have to chuck that off, right? Plan A is officially superseded with Plan B.

Now let's see how many plans it will take until all the pieces fit.

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