Friday, July 22, 2016

My Two Cents Worth

Some people thrive in pressure. Some people don't. Those who thrive in pressure may have a better status in life, may have more expensive belongings, can afford to buy anything they want... and that's okay. But I guess the problem lies on the mindset of both parties. Those people who thrive in pressure might think that everyone should do it to be successful. And might probably look down on those people who don't strive as much. While those people who don't thrive in pressure, who are honestly contented with what they have, fear that they are being looked down upon by the other party. And so, insecurity sets in. And then those people who don't thrive in pressure try to better themselves by trying to pressure themselves to have more, just to let those people who thrive in pressure see that they are actually doing something to better their status and have more money. 

But you see, I think everyone should just stay true to who they are... just be unapologetically ourselves! Not saying that people should live a stagnant life. I just think that everyone should just be happy with themselves. Not put pressure on people who don't thrive in pressure. And not try so hard to thrive in pressure when all their happiness are being sucked right out of them by doing so. 

Blatantly, I think people should just stop judging one another and mind their own business. And accept that not everyone is and should be like them.

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