Saturday, April 30, 2016

Staycation at F1 Hotel Manila

This entry is a super late post about my family's staycation at F1 Hotel Manila October last year. The marketing manager of the hotel whom I met in grad school oh-so-kindly invited me and four of my mommy blogger friends to experience what the hotel can offer.

Fun fact: F1 Hotel, located in Bonifacio Global City, is the first hotel to open in the area. F1 actually means Fort's First.

A warm welcome from the staff were given to us as we stepped foot inside the hotel. Then we were immediately whisked off to the premier lounge where they offered us some refreshments.

After some hi-hellos with the management team, we proceeded to F All Day Dining for an early lunch. The selection is not as extensive as other hotels, but I must say, the food here is delicioso! Here are some of the dishes that I liked.

One of the highlights of this staycation is when Chef Decker Gokioco, the new Head Chef, prepared a special meal for us, Almond-Crusted Salmon, I believe it was called. And when I say he prepared a meal for us, as in he cooked it right in front of us! I think I forgot my name when I tasted this masterpiece. Learned a lot from him too. Free cooking lesson! :p

And now, dessert! Feast your eyes, guys! It tastes as good as it looks.

Even if pastries are real eye-candies, I'm not really a huge fan of them, especially the fancy ones. That's just who I am! What I really like is ice, so it's natural for me to frequent this part of the dessert station. I loooooove halo-halo! :p

I think I might have had a second serving of halo-halo that day. Hehe. 

After eating lunch and some chitchat with fellow mommy bloggers, it's time to check out our room. We were checked in at the Fort Suite, which is a really big space for a family of three. I thank the management team of F1 for this very generous accommodation. Let's go check out my favorite place in all the world that day! Our suite!

Some fruits and pastry await us in our suite. How thoughtful!

I know I said I wasn't a fan of pastries but this one above is awesome!

I had cuddle time with my baby before putting him down for a nap. When he was finally conked out, I left him alone with his yaya and I took the opportunity to roam around the premises.

When the kids were finally awake, it was time to swim! It was actually Lex's first time to swim in a pool. Being the cautious child that he is, he took his sweet time to get used to the water. Good thing he did not take too long. He was able to enjoy the water and even walk towards mommy! :p

After swimming, we rested for a while, lounge around in bed and went down to have a BBQ dinner under the stars.

 My little Alexander was so tired from his first swimming experience! He went straight to sleep after dinner. And you know what happens when the child sleeps, right?

The parents get a massage! Kayo haaaa... :p

The next day, F1 held their annual halloween trick or treat at the Infinity Ballroom. Lex, being just a year old then, was not able to participate in the event but it was nice just to look and observe how kids these days really exert effort to create the most gruesome costumes.

We were allowed to check out a little later than usual so it afforded us more time to lounge around and just enjoy a few more hours of luxury.

I really liked my stay at F1 Hotel. It was very pleasant and everyone was just so courteous and thoughtful. I would like to thank the F1 Hotel Management for this opportunity to experience the hotel's accommodations and its other facilities. This is really a good place to relax and just enjoy a fun weekend with the family.

F1 Hotel Manila

Address: 32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City
Contact Number: 928.9888 / 908.7888
Official Website:
Instagram| Twitter: @F1Hotel

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