Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's 2012

Today is Valentine's Day.

I used not to care so much whether my boyfriend gives me flowers on Valentine's Day. Aside from the excessive cost of flowers during this occasion, flowers are, well, not really of much use. Mon once told me that Valentine's Day was created by flower sellers and chocolate manufacturers. He was joking, of course. Or at least I think he was joking. I really don't know the truth.

Anyway, why does these flowers mean so much to me? Well, the flowers per se does not really mean anything, but it is the giver that I am reminded of everytime I look at those flowers. I am reminded of how much effort he had exerted to make me happy. And today, Valentine's Day, I decide that I like receiving flowers on Valentine's Day. I like receiving flowers any day! As long as it's from Mon.

I've received many flowers on different occasions. But it just didn't mean as much. This time, from Mon, I appreciate it so much because it wasn't really always like that.

You see, I loved liked Mon the very first time I laid eyes on him. The very first time. And although I wasn't available yet at the time, I've always kept an eye on him. I was really very fond of him. But he was just a dream back then. A dream that I never thought I could have. But God made a way. I could even go as far as saying that we were really meant to be. That even if it was I who made the choice, I believe that it was God who ultimately chose him for me. He made sure that I understood perfectly one of the major rules in finding a partner: never settle.

These flowers mean so much to me because it is a reminder of a dream that came true. It is a reminder that dreams actually come true.

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