Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Of quality time and manga

K E E P I N G  T H E  L O V E  A L I V E

Mon and I make it a point to have boyfriend-girlfriend time every weekend. I say "boyfriend-girlfriend" time kasi it's more kilig that way, diba? "Husband-wife" time sounds boring. Haha.

Even from when we were still dating, we never were the maluho kind of couple. In fact, our dates sometimes took place at the nearby sari-sari store. Our food? Cheese Rings and Royal Tru-Orange sa plastic. I stress "sa plastic" because softdrinks somehow tastes different pag nasa plastic, diba? Or maybe that's just me feeling nostalgic. Anyway the point is, we enjoy each other's company a lot and so we never felt like we have to go to an expensive place just to have boyfriend-girlfriend time.

But we do go to expensive places once in a while. It's part of his continuing courtship, if you may. Kasi aminin, nakakahaba ng hair kapag dine-date ka ng boyfriend mo sa mahal diba? Nakaka-flatter na ginagastusan ka pa rin paminsan minsan. ;)


E V E R Y T H I N G  I  K N O W  ,  I  L E A R N E D  F R O M  M A N G A

Ok, that's an exaggeration since ngayon lang naman ako nagbasa ng manga. Haha! Pero totoo na madami ka talagang mapupulot sa pagbabasa nun. 

I just actually finished reading one. My first manga! Ang saya saya makatapos ng 102 chapters in just a few days. #feelingaccomplished #mangarock

I wonder how the Japanese think of such witty stories? Nakakatuwa at nakaka-inspire kasi talaga. I think everyone should read at least one manga in their life. One can really learn a lot from it. Like, the manga I just read made me think that in life, there is no such thing as too late to do what you want to do or too late to be anything you want to be. Even if you consider yourself mediocre, with hard work, you can still achieve anything you want. Just don't give up and never surrender!

I look forward to the day when I will be able to share with Lex the life lessons that I have learned from manga and anime. Pero dadating din kami dun. For now, I'll let him enjoy his innocence in his picture perfect world where everything is rainbows and butterflies and cotton candy and milk. ;)

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