Monday, March 2, 2015

Spice up your party with Party Crafts by Ava


Today I'll continue on with my feature of Lex's 1st birthday party suppliers. I only have 2 or 3 left so let's do this!

I didn't have a lot of kiddie guests, which is why I decided to forego an entertainment/magic show and other what have yous. But I did have a lot of guests who are kids-at-heart. So I decided to book an activity that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike!

Party Crafts by Ava offers arts and crafts services for your party! I found out about this business in one of the blogs I read. (See? Very useful talaga ang mga blogs as an info source kaya it's my hope that my readers will also be blessed by the things I write here whether it's a feature I've done in the past or merely just for the entertainment you get from reading my thoughts haha!) Basically, this business will create a station in your venue where the guests can color, draw, cut, paste, and paint an item (for Lex's party, I availed of door hang signs and tumblers). The materials to be used in crafting is included in their package. Just tell them the theme of the party tapos they'll design stuff that are relevant to the theme. Example, since Lex had a cowboy themed party, there are paper cutouts of cowboy hats, boots, and cactus included in the materials. Of course there are a lot of materials to choose from aside from paper cutouts. There are glitters, yarns, letters, a lot! 

To better appreciate this wonderful concept, see for yourselves!

Want to book Party Crafts by Ava? I highly recommend you do! Contact deets below.

Jen Lozano
Party Crafts by Ava
Mobile: 0917 887 5369
Instagram: @partycraftsbyava

*All photos were taken by Jamie and Baby Lifestyle Photography

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