Thursday, March 12, 2015

Can you Breakout or will you become zombie bait? The Zombie Room: Breakout @ Trinoma experience

Are you a fan of The Big Bang Theory? I am! So much that I made it the theme of my wedding back in 2012!

That's our invites, cake, and giveaway at our wedding!
photos by Jaja Lifestyle Photography
Anyway, the series is currently on its 8th season (yes, the show is very successful so if you still haven't watched it, you're missing like, half of your life!). One of its recent episodes, ep. 16, featured an escape room.

An escape room is "kind of like interactive theater, except you have to solve puzzles in a certain amount of time to get out." - Emily Sweeney, The Big Bang Theory S8E16, The Intimacy Acceleration

Here's a clip from the episode.


Interested? Well, good news because an escape room, much like that on the episode, except scarier, is here in Manila! And you, QC residents, have more reason to celebrate because The Zombie Room is in Trinoma from February 20 to March 22!

I was so happy to get an invite to try this out last weekend. Happier because I was able to get Mon a slot too! He loves The Big Bang Theory as well and we both wanted to try out an escape room ever since we watched that episode.

It was really a one-of-a-kind experience. I grew up reading Nancy Drew and Choose Your Own Adventure books and I tell you, being inside that room feels so much like that!

The puzzles --- not a piece of cake. I mean, those guys on The Big Bang Theory were able to solve it in six minutes because they all have advanced degrees. Like, PhD levels kaya sila! So imagine naman a regular person, like me, solving the puzzles. We were just given 30 minutes but we made it out just in the nick of time! Last 90 seconds when we figured out how to open the lock. Imagine the pressure!

We broke out!!
I was actually impressed with the whole production of The Zombie Room. It's not like a horror booth na magugulat ka lang. Inside the room, the vibe is really scary! Of course hindi naman ako nagpahalata na medyo kinilabutan ako and I wasn't naman THAT scared but alam mo yun, parang kahit na alam mong nagzozombie-zombiehan lang yung tao dun, ayaw mo pa ring lumapit sa kanya. ;)

Of course you can't do anything with the zombie inside. You can't fight them or inflict pain on them. Just like any other game, there are rules too. Everything is stated in the waiver you're gonna sign before you enter the room.

Some details you might wanna know before trying out The Zombie Room at Trinoma:
  • People of all ages are allowed to play. Children below 13 years should be accompanied by an adult. Adults above 100 years are free.
  • The recommended number of people per batch is six. Eight people max.
  • You can't bring anything inside but yourself. Recording the game is strictly prohibited, which means no gadgets are allowed. Neither are papers and pens. Your bags will be stored outside the room.
  • Price is only 300 per head (with 50 pesos surcharge for online transactions).
Try it! Try it now! I know you want to. And I know I wanna try Breakout's other escape rooms! Room 13 sure sounds interesting!


  1. Let's try their other rooms next!:)

  2. I wouldn't know what to do when I get trapped with Zombies, honestly! I might pee on my pants, LOL... I have to show this to my son as he's into zombies lately.