Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Because moms need their me-time too

Ever since I gave birth to Lex, personal time for myself has become very scarce. Save for some trips to the salon and a couple of pedicures, I barely had time to spend pampering myself. Indeed, life as a mommy has changed me big time. Never thought it would but it did.

I haven't had a facial in ages. The last time I had one probably dates back around the time of my wedding more than two years ago. In girl standards, that's forever! So when I was invited to try out the services of a newly opened spa nearby, I immediately grabbed the opportunity! 

Allura Spa & Aesthetic Center is located along East Avenue in Quezon City. There's a Chowking in the ground floor of the building so you can't miss it. 

When I entered the spa, this is what greeted me. 

I like that the place is clean and cozy, not at all clinical and intimidating. The owner, Marichiel Vicera, mentioned that she decorated the whole place herself.

Their menu of services is impressive. They have almost every pampering and beauty service imaginable. To name a few, they have different kinds of massages, facials, peels, scar treatments, body tightening and contouring, hair removal treatments, body scrub, and even plastic surgery! They also have available packages for sparties and bridal showers for 8-10 guests.

Before I got my facial, I peeped into the massage rooms first and this is how it looks like.

While the facial rooms look like this.

I availed of the Allura 24K Gold Facial and Radio Frequency. That gold mask you see is actually a gold bio-collagen facial mask from France. It's a super cold mask that they put on your face after a quick diamond peel.

I think the cleaning/extraction part of the facial can still be improved. I'm not sure if my face is just really clean kaya walang masyadong nakuhang dirt pero parang may nafifeel pa rin akong whiteheads after the cleaning, especially in the forehead area.

These are pictures I took during radio frequency. Ang init pala nun! My face got a little red so I had to ask Ate to reduce the heat several notches. It's my first time kaya medyo praning pa. The redness, I soon found out, goes away quickly pala. Parang naturally flushed na lang yung cheeks ko after.

This is the only picture I have of myself immediately after the facial. As you can see, medyo magulo na yung hair ko. Haha! Pero my face naman feels so hydrated! A few days after the facial, I can still feel na very moisturized siya. In fairness, naglock-in talaga ang moisture sa face ko.

The owner, Ms. Marichiel Vicera.
I'm sure you will be surprised to find out that the services offered by this spa is very reasonable. Facials range from 250-500 pesos only. Diamond peel is just 2,200 pesos for 5 sessions. Radio frequency for the face is just 2,000 pesos for 5 sessions. Hair removal treatment using Intense Pulse Light (IPL) for the underarms is just P5,000 for 8 sessions. Per session rates are also available.

Allura Spa & Aesthetic Center is open on Mondays-Saturdays from 10am-10pm. And on Sundays from 11am-8pm.


  1. Do they have a branch near BGC? You have a pretty face, btw.:)

    1. Thanks, May! No, they don't have other branches yet. :)

  2. Interesting! I think I need to pay a visit to this spa soon :-)

  3. Beautiful indeed! :) Sana magkaroon ulit ako ng ME-Time pag labas ni Baby Bunso. :)