Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The perfect space

Baguio? Tagaytay? Nope! This is just somewhere in Metro Manila!

One look at that picture above can send me dreaming of a place far away where pine trees and pineapples grow. But since we don't wanna inconvenience Lex's guests, we opted for a place that is like that dreamy place but located right smack in the middle of the city.

Yes, you guessed it right. This is the place where we held Lex's 1st birthday party.

The place is called Cedar Crest and is somewhere inside Taguig's vast Acacia Estates. Of course this is just the facade of the clubhouse where the actual party was held.

Rental fee of the clubhouse is very inexpensive. That is one of the main reasons why we opted to hold the party there. How much, you say? I only paid around five grand for four hours use of the venue! Now isn't that a real treat?

Being inside an exclusive condominium, not everyone can hold an affair inside the clubhouse. Like how other clubhouses work, you need someone who lives inside the condominium to "sponsor" you. I guess I am just very lucky to have a friend living inside this exquisite nest.

Let's take a closer look at Lex's party.

The function hall at the clubhouse is L-shaped, as opposed to a square or rectagular one, the latter ones being better places to host parties with a program. But I actually designed Lex's party to be casual and WITHOUT a program, except of course for his dedication ceremony, because one, I don't have a lot of kiddie guests, and two, a lotta noise can be overwhelming for a one-year-old. A minibar sits on the side, which is just so perfect and in tune with Lex's Denim Cowboy theme because we made use of it for our...

I love how Kris, my events stylist, styled this area of the room!
It's so wild wild west!
The venue can house up to 120 guests maximum. Although it would be too crammed if we had tables and chairs for that much people considering all the other things we are to put inside the room. Hence we planned for just 80 guests. After the stage decorations, the long buffet table, the sweets buffet, 8 guest tables, kids' activity station, gift table, and a portion of the room where the lights and sounds specialists are, there is still adequate space for the guests to walk around in.

So there! I hope you guys like my feature for today. I'm going to talk about Lex's other party suppliers in my next posts so do drop by my blog again soon.

Have a lovely afternoon to all!

*All photos were taken by Jamie and Baby Lifestyle Photography

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