Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Family Day Sunday and Playdate Weekend at UP Sunken Garden

It was a fun, fun day last Sunday with other mommies at the UP grounds where we held our second playdate!

It was the first time Lex has ever attended a playdate. Although I'm not really sure if he was indeed present in it. The place is just SO big and for an active 13-month old, that's one huge playground where he can run into, which he did, 97% of the time!

I'm so grateful for the hours of sleep he clocked in earlier in the day. It made him very energetic at five in the afternoon.

Weekends are also the time when Mon and Lex can fully bond with each other. With these faces, I'm very certain that they had a very good time.

T H E Y  O N L Y  H A V E  E Y E S  F O R  E A C H  O T H E R


This little guy has good, strong legs for a 13-month old. He literally crossed the whole Sunken walking/running on his own! 

Now let's take a look at the other kiddos. Hello, Gab! Hi, Mila!

This cutie is little Zylar who is only 1 day younger than Lex.

Adorable Mila and her equally adorable headband.

Let me tell you a bit about Mila. She's the type of baby who makes me want to have a baby girl.. stat! She's the most malambing baby girl I've ever met!

We stayed there until early evening. The kids are all huddled in a semi-circle but where's Lex? ...

... Drinking milk in Mommy's arms. :)

The kids and mommies wind down as dusk sets in.

 It was awesome spending time with you Bave, Paulline, and Que! 'Til next playdate, Mommies!


  1. Ang saya naman. Sa next playdate nalang ulit kami sasama ni Rhian. :)

  2. It was fun seeing you mommies again and now with the kids! ;) Til our next Playdate with the other MBP Moms!

  3. Playdate daw... naging Foodtrip naman pagkatapos. Burp!