Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My anniversary surprise!

Ok, so before I blog about the holidays, let me just publish this entry that has long been residing in my drafts folder. This is the continuation of my anniversary entry last year.

Just a recap, Mon and I celebrated our second year anniversary in Tagaytay. On the night of December 6th, around dinnertime, I asked Mon if he would still like to go out to eat or if he would like to have food brought up to our room. He said he'd rather go down para hindi naman sayang yung "costume" niya since he brought some semi-formal clothes to wear for dinner.

When I think about it, it was already so obvious (that something is going to happen) but at that point, I still didn't think anything of it. I used to be so suspicious whenever there is an upcoming occasion. But not this time. You see, I should have gotten a hint when he insisted to pack his semi-formal wear. I mean, it's totally out of his character to do that! And I should also have gotten a hint when he doesn't want to eat snacks. Again, totally out of his character!... and I say that meaning no offense. Hahaha.

And lastly, I should have gotten a hint when the waiter was ushering us to a secluded part of the cafe with a knowing smile. But I had no idea until I saw this.

Lovely, isn't it?

So here's when I stop telling you the story and let the pictures do the talking.

Our dinner was supposed to be outdoors. But then Mon decided to move it indoors because we had Lex with us. Chilly Tagaytay (night) weather and a baby don't mix well. We'd hate for Lex to spend his first Christmas with a cold.

The Menu

Taal Vista served us a complimentary cake to celebrate our anniversary! Thanks, Taal Vista!
The singing trio (one is not in the picture) serenading us as we eat.
We took turns feeding Lex dinner. Oh yes, this is how anniversary dinners are with a baby.
After an hour of good food and an even better conversation, we capped the night off with hot tea.

Thank you, Honey for all these experiences. May we have millions more in the years to come! I am really, truly enjoying doing life with you that I can hardly believe that it's already been two years since we got married. Two years na pero parang nasa honeymoon stage pa rin tayo! ;) I wish this "honeymoon stage" won't ever end! Even if we're old and gray na, I wish we'd still be like this, orchestrating surprises for each other (and in the future, kakunchaba na natin ang mga anak natin), holding hands, kissing, hugging, cuddling, tickling na parang two days pa lang tayo! I love you so much, Raymond M. Santos. It is a pleasure being your wife and partner for life!



  1. Awww... so sweet! Na touched ako sa last part. hehehe! Wish you all the best! - Wow, parang bagong kasal lang! hehehe, =)

  2. Ang sweet!!! Sundan na si Lex. :p

  3. Sweet. And I love that you're on your romantic anniversary dinner plus Lex. Hahahaha! :) Belated Happy Anniversary Jen and Raymond.