Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A moment of thanks and prayer

While packing our things for our Baguio trip last November, I found myself playing some 90's music on my iPad. Usually moments like that make me feel nostalgic, but that time, I didn't feel so thrilled.

Don't get me wrong. I had a nice and happy childhood. I can even go as far as saying that it is something worth reminiscing. But somehow, at that moment, my thought was that I don't ever want to return to that time. And then it hit me that despite the responsibilities and fear of any future unknown, I am quite happy at where I am today. And this is something that I will not exchange for an easy and responsibility-free life. That's why I never want to go back.

I am lucky that my parents gave me an enchanted life while I was under their guidance and care. But I am happier now and that is largely because they taught me everything they know to achieve a happy life on my own.

So I would like to take this opportunity to honor them. Thank you, Pop, Mom, for my easy and happy childhood. I know that you are very proud of what I have become, even if you're not vocal about it, and even if there are times that we don't get along. Know that you have prepared me well to tackle life on my own.

This does not mean though that the time has come that I don't need you. I will always need you! For support, for comfort, for love. I appreciate everything you have done and are continually doing for me.

I thank God everyday that we have reached this point where I can understand you fully because I also am a parent now. And I thank God for the privilege, that I can still get to say thanks and I love you!

My prayer is for Lex to one day reach this point that I am enjoying so much today! I pray that God also grants me enough wisdom to teach Lex everything I know so that someday, he will be able to create a happy life on his own, with whomever he chooses to spend his life with. I also pray for strength. That when that day comes, I can let him go fully, just as my parents did, and rest assured that I have taught him well and that everything's going to be alright.

*Photo was taken by Jaja Lifestyle Photography

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  1. Same here. I have understood my parents of what they were telling me about life just after I gave birth to James. Ganun siguro talaga yun. I know they are confident that you can handle your life now.. Thanks to our parents.. And now, the responsibility is ours to teach our kid naman.. =)