Thursday, December 11, 2014

Smart. Why it's more than just a network to me

One thing I miss about working in Smart is the communications allowance. For five years, I never had to worry about the amount of calls, texts, and data I make because nothing I can do can fully consume the amount of allowance I get. I wasn't an abusive user, mind you. But while the peso value of the cellphone load I use is fairly average, now that I have to use my own money to buy, parang nakakapanghinayang. #hinaingngexsmartee

Not to mention that I am so lazy to buy cellphone load! I can go on days without any load even if there's a Ministop branch in my building where I can just easily buy a prepaid card. There were even times when the husband would just transfer load to my phone just 'cause naaawa na siya sa akin. LOL much, right? 

I planned to subscribe to a postpaid plan, Globe, because majority of my family is in that network, but then I saw this and my heart skipped a beat.

Five years. I was with Smart when I met Mon, when I got engaged, when I got married, when I got pregnant, when I gave birth.
Five wonderful years. Don't they go by in a blink?

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  1. Some things are really hard to let go. Ako naman I am planning on switching to Smart kasi ang bagal ng net ng globe. Nakakalokang tunay.