Thursday, December 18, 2014

Meeting Bianca Gonzalez

It was one of those lazy afternoons when I had nothing to do so I called up my good friend Bianca for a meet-up over coffee.


What really happened was when I woke up last November 30, I was still in Baguio. I got up super duper early, hastily took a bath, woke Mon up, dragged him to the bathroom so we can checkout early and drive back to Dagupan so we can pick Lex up from his Tata and Nana's house, so we can drive back to Manila just in time for Bianca's 2PM book launching event at Trinoma. Because I won't dare miss it.

I don't think I've ever mentioned it in any of my past posts but Bianca is one of the reasons why I pursued blogging a long time ago. I was in my early 20s when I first discovered her blog. But even before then, I already recognize her as a print model in several magazines I read.

Bianca, in her modelling days, before she even became uber successful in TV, has already captured my curiosity. I don't know, maybe it's because she's a pretty morena and I've always preferred pretty morenas over pretty meztizas.

5 Things I Learned From Bianca:

1. She inspired me to travel and see the world.

Growing up, it was never my dream to travel and see the world. It was only through reading about Bianca's travels that I became interested in travelling. I remembered wondering to myself why would anyone love something as expensive as travelling? But when I tried it, as in really travel the way she does it, ayayay! Nakaka-addict pala.

So how does she do it nga ba? Move on to number 2.

2. She inspired me to, not only go to a place and take pictures, but to really learn and explore the culture of the place you're travelling in.

Let's admit it, we all know some people just want to travel so that they can show off to their friends that they've been to so and so place and they have pictures to prove it. But Bianca is different in a way that she doesn't just go some place famous for the heck of it. She travels to learn and immerse herself in different cultures. That, I think, is what real travelling should be about.

3. As great are the chances for a person to make mistakes, so are his capabilities to get back up.

Bianca is not a saint. She's had her fair share of controversies over the years. But what I truly remember her by is not the mistakes she had committed but how she accepted each situation, picked herself up, and move on. And Bianca, as we know, had experienced big blows in her life. But she has always sprang back up and continue on.

4. Her simplicity inspires me. I learned that not all things have to be grand to be beautiful.

From what we know of her, she's a fan of all things basic. The T-shirt-jeans-Converse combo is her personal style. And yet, even in the absence of all the kolorete, she remains to be one of the most beautiful, alluring girls I know.

She even made wearing a wedding gown off-the-racks really glamorous. I'm sure brides everywhere will now consider doing the same.

5. You don't need to use highfalutin words to get your message across.

I love her blog and I love the way she blogs. It's not intimidating at all. Her posts are a mix of friendly and quality. Parang kwentuhan lang with an old friend. Nothing serious and formal, just like her book as you will soon find out when you go and get your own copy for just P245. That's fairly inexpensive for something entertaining and surely informative.

When I got to the head of the line, I was super starstruck. As in nahihiya ako sa kanya! But I just can't pass up the opportunity to take a picture with my first and probably greatest blog inspiration. Chances like this do not come along traipsing everyday.

"Hi!", says Lex.
 ... at may bonus pa!

With Bianca's husband, PBA player JC Intal.

Congratulations, Bianca, on making your dream project a reality!

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