Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Chronicles of the Travelling Tot - Part 1: Tagaytay

The Big Bang Couple just turned two! Yey!

I mentioned somewhere in my first anniversary post that our travel plans were put on hold because I was pregnant with Lex. And then on a much recent post, I said that we want to start travelling again since Lex is almost a year old. I got a lot of recommendations in that latter post to travel to a nearby place first and try and see how it will turn out and if we could possibly travel to a far off place next time. We decided to test the waters on our second year anniversary, to a place so very dear to our hearts, Tagaytay.

Trivia: Mon and I were married in Tagaytay in December of 2012 and held our wedding party in one of the most iconic and historic places there: Taal Vista Hotel.

We got a Premier Room at the Lake Wing for our overnight stay and it looks like this.

I wasn't able to take a lot of pictures because my 11-month old decided to claim the whole place as his before I could even bring out my camera.

It was a day of rest and relaxation. Well, as much rest and relaxation as we can squeeze in in between caring for a baby of course, which is not a lot, I tell you. Haha.

He doesn't want to sleep! He kept on rolling around, crawling around, banging his head around (he actually banged his head twice in this trip, not including the time he banged his head on my shoulder, at which time I think I was more hurt than he is.) Sobrang likot!

By the time we got outside to enjoy the cool Tagaytay air, he decided to do his bit of resting. Hay, babies! So this is when Mon and I got to talk and bond a little. Until we got cold and went inside for coffee... and in no time, the little one was roused from his slumber.

Lex, at 11 months, likes to walk and walk and walk! From the moment he wakes up to the time we were eating breakfast, he always signals to us that he wants to walk.

Some daddy and baby playtime while the mommy is preparing and packing things.

With everything taken into account, I think our family's first travel experience is a success. Looking forward to hundreds more of this.


  1. Wow! Nice view of Taal lake :)
    I am also planning to have a vacation next year for our 3rd anniversary but I think its really hard to have that "quality time with hubby" when you have a growing toddler hehe :) Cute photos mommy Jen ;)

  2. The place is so cozy :) Happy 2nd year of love and happiness Jen. Same here Tagaytay comes on my mind first whenever we wanted to relax, sayang I was not able to share some of those places we've been to, busy bee that I cannot write down yet. Pero that's my plan next year :) True naman yan, lahat ng experiences and masaya tayo if our little ones is so happy and enjoying all of it.

    Wish ko for both of you, stay in love and blessed mommy. :)

  3. That Premiere Room looks amazing :) I can't wait to bring my baby on our trips as soon as he learns how to walk :)

  4. Happy Anniversary! Ang ganda ng room ha! Pangarap ko rin makapag check-in dyan, how I wish may lumabas na promo para book na agad! In fairness, ang likot ni Lex ha.