Wednesday, November 26, 2014

It's Lex's birthday! Let the preparations begin!

I'm in total denial. I can't believe that it's almost a year since I gave birth to Lex. What happened to time? It feels like it just magically disappeared. Like, poof!

But looking at my boy, my sweet sweet boy. I know how far he's come. From that tiny little baby who cries "waah-ah! waah-ah! waah-ah!" every few hours to this fast crawling, self-support standing, loud singing baby who constantly lures his parents' attention either by making pacute or by fake crying (whatever works!), I can see he's really changed a lot. And everyday, I am in awe of him.

There are times, late at night, when it was just my husband and I talking, that we marvel at these changes. "He was just in my tummy before!" I cry. "And now, look at him!" I gush at the sleeping Lex beside us.

At first, I didn't really want to hold a party for Lex. Aside from the fact that he won't remember anything from it, a party is another thing that will take away a chunk of Phps in our budget which we could spend on other things, like say, travelling.

But one day, and this is not a joke. I woke up and felt God impressed in my heart that this party, if we were to have one, is not just for Lex. It's for Mon and I too! Because as Lex turns a year old, we also turn a year old as parents. So, it's not just Lex's milestones we're celebrating, it's ours too! And besides, it would be fun to gather a small crowd of close family and friends in one place so we can make memories and catch up.  Just as we did at Lex's Christening when he was just 3 months old.

And so I made it my mission to create a wonderful party for Lex. A simple yet wonderful party. Having researched quite a lot on how first birthdays are being celebrated these days, I can say that I am aware of how the industry has changed. Gone are the days when noodles, fried chicken, lumpia, and hotdog sticks are good enough. Now, birthdays are teeming with magicians, balloon twisters, clowns, food carts, photo booths, and other what have yous. But the truth is, this is not at all my desire for Lex's party. And I think, this is not something Lex wants also because knowing my son, he's not very keen to loud noise and a busy, rowdy environment.

Not to say that I have anything against those who choose to celebrate with all the extravaganza. I'm just saying that that is not my style or Mon's style. And as we know of our son, nor is it Lex's style too.

Suffice it to say that we would just want his family, both Mon's and mine, to be there. Close friends who have celebrated with us all throughout my pregnancy. People who were happy for us when Lex finally came into this world. For me, a good meal shared only with those who have a genuine relationship with us and our little boy is good enough. Just that will make it all wonderful.


  1. Hey Jen! Exactly my thoughts. Sabi ko nga diba? Wala ng decors, wala ng bonggang venue. I love to eat and I have loads of friends so we'll just have a "kanto-party" with good food and kulit kids. To each her own. Sabi mo nga, celebration nyo din yan mag asawa so go! Goodluck on the preps! Ako din nahihilo na. Malapit na din sa akin.

  2. Hi Mommy!

    Happy birthday to your little tot! :) As for me, my husband is not really fond of big parties. Since I'm mapilit, we organized a big party when my eldest turned one year old. It's not as extravagant as what you see on the net but it's still something - balloons, catered food, giveaways, cake and cupcake tower, the works. For our second baby, my husband was really insisting we just have a simple party so i obliged (with a heavy heart). It was just our family and a few friends but we made sure that the food is still delish :)

    I have to agree that they won't remember it anyway except see the pics. But I made a vow that by the time my girls reached 7, I'll have to throw them a big party they really deserve :)

  3. I recently had my son's birthday celebration and I absolutely recommend that small gathering you want for Baby Lex, for you and hubby. My son had a total of 150+++ guests (adults and kids included) which almost had the whole shakey's store covered. I wasn't even able to sit because we reached the max capacity of the store. Honestly, I wasn't able to meet each one of them or even said a simple thank you because most of them went home just before I could have said goodbye. My son was also irritable din because of the noise and a lot of people surrounding him. Although I can see guests had fun, I still preferred a small one too (it was hubby and grandparents who invited too many guests actually).