Saturday, October 11, 2014

What I did the first week

My son was having one of his crying bouts past midnight signaling mommy and daddy that he wants his milk when I saw it. A rapid blue dot on my phone which indicates that I have been tagged by someone on social media. (Thanks, Samsung for that wonderful, wonderful feature!) As my husband prepares milk, I grab my phone to find a tag from my bloggy friend Carmel thanking me for convincing her to join the scrapbooking workshop we attended last month. Carmel, you have no idea how much inspiration you have given me in the wee hour of the morning. So at 2:36AM, I am typing this lest I might forget.

My first week as a non-working girl was not as I expected it to be. Before my last day of work ended, I thought I would get started right away on all that I had planned to do: sort out old pictures, continue my scrapbooking project, blog. But not a single entry emerged since the past week because instead, I had a problem getting my butt off the bed, complaining about the heat in Manila every afternoon, and every now and then, I find myself feeling guilty spending more time at the home office than with my son, who ironically is my reason for staying at home in the first place.

Although to be very technical about it, I did get started on some things and I did manage to finish off some to dos that are, like, pending for 1 million years:
  • I was able to turn our bedroom-turned-boutique to a real bedroom again! For weeks our bedroom looked like tropical storm Yolanda hit the place. Clothes strewn everywhere, laundered clothes left on the floor waiting to be sorted and folded and kept in the closet, ironed out clothes almost filling out the whole curtain rod. It has been there for so long that by the time everything was cleared out, my husband came home that night staring at the blank wall, asking me if I had changed something. "I don't know. It just feels so...blank. Like something's missing." he said. Well, something's missing indeed, dear husband. All the kalat!
  • I did get started sorting out pictures. I actually plan to share my past travel pictures on my blog. Pictures that dates back to 19kopong kopong. Joke. I think the earliest I have on my digital files is 2006, when my family and I went on a trip to Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing. But looking at the pictures, everything just looked so... ugly. I cringe. By the time I get to the last of 'em pictures I decided how much of it was a waste. Beautiful countries visited and not a single pretty picture. Le sigh! So travelers, learn the basics of photography before you embark on any journey.
  • I was able to spend more time with my son. Yes, even if I was at the home office, whenever I'd hear my son giggle or laugh at a funny antic of his yaya, I'd go down and see what's up. The funny thing about "working" at home is that, I can't bloody resist spending time with Lex. How can I even manage that?
  • I was able to spruce up the wall decal in our room. For weeks I've been meaning to improve the decal. The OC part of me felt the positioning of the mother giraffe is way too left so I decided to reposition the whole decal in the middle so it occupies the whole wall. Symmetry.
  • I was able to participate in an international blogging challenge. Yes, but not quite. I know I can still do better and yes, that is what I plan to do.
So there you have it! My week summarized in bullet points. If people think I am out in my cape all day trying to change the world, sorry to disappoint. All I can change is my life, one bullet point at a time. ;p

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