Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Hospital Bag Checklist

It has been almost 8 months since I've given birth to Lex but I know many will still benefit from this information. What to bring to the hospital when giving birth?

*This is an updated checklist of my own hospital bag checklist. I revised it because I found that not everything in my original checklist is necessary.

For Baby:
1. Diapers in Newborn size - I personally like the brand EQ Dry. It's affordable and the fit is great!
2. Mittens (3-5 pairs)
3. Tie-sides and pants (3-5 pairs)
4. Bonnets (3-5 pcs)
5. Socks (3-5 pairs)
6. Baby Wash - Cetaphil, Johnson's Top-to-toe Wash, Mustela... whatever brand of baby wash you like.
7. Baby Towel 
8. Cotton/Baby Wipes
9. Receiving blanket - with or without hood, doesn't really matter since baby already wears a bonnet.
10. Going home outfit - for cuteness purposes. But Baby can go home wearing just his tie-sides and pants if Mommy is not maarte. :)

For Mommy:
1. Maternity Pads - some opt to use adult diapers although for me, personally, I find using diapers icky. Yes. I tried.
2. Slippers
3. Maternity Binder - not necessary for normal delivery. A must for CS deliveries. You can buy a cheap one at So-en, I think. If you want an expensive one, try Belly Bandit at Mothercare.
4. Toiletries and Kikay Kit - it's up to you what to bring. Just one tip: it's nice to use Betadine Feminine Wash as it helps heal the wound down there especially for mommies who have undergone normal delivery.
5. Underwear
6. Disposable underpads - this is something that you can put on the bed to prevent us from staining the sheets. Once we give birth kasi, it's like "monthly period like there's no tomorrow". Diyahe naman sa hospital if we stain their sheets. This can be bought at any Mercury Drug branches nationwide
7. Contact lens and solution (if applicable)
8. Eyeglasses (if applicable)
9. Nursing Cover - you can use this while breastfeeding your little one while you have visitors.
10. Going home outfit
11. Hand Sanitizer/Alcohol - babies are fragile and so are their health. Ask your visitors to use hand sanitizers/alcohol before they touch your little one.
12. Phone Charger
13. Tissue

1. Philhealth Form 1 and 2 (c/o hospital)
2. Philhealth History of Contribution (c/o employer) - if unemployed, you may get this at any Philhealth branch near you.

For Daddy:
1. Pillow and blanket
2. Toiletries - include a shaving kit. Dads, please, so you'll look great in pictures!
3. Clothes and Sleepwear for a minimum of 3d2n
4. Gadgets - to keep yourself busy
5. Phone Charger
6. Camera and Charger - take lots of pictures! pictures of mommy, baby, whole family, with visitors... it's a nice memory to look back to.

1. Travel System - for going home. Personally, I chose to carry Lex in my arms during the ride home. 
2. Nursing Pillow - helps a lot during breastfeeding.
3. Baby Bottles, Formula, and Distilled Water - if you don't plan to breastfeed/can't breastfeed for any reason. Ask your pedia for the right amount of milk to give Baby.
4. Mints - for labor. I brought mints but totally forgot to eat 'em. I forgot about everything when I got into active labor. 
5. White Noise Machine - like a Sleep Sheep to help baby sleep.

And of course, don't forget to bring food! Lots and lots of food and snacks! Paper plates, paper cups, dishwashing liquid and sponge, spoons and forks, and other eating gadgets. 

For Daddies, please remember that Mommies are usually emotional during this time so please try your best to be your best self and be sensitive to their needs and emotions. They will appreciate this very much! :)

I hope this information helps you in creating your own hospital bag checklist. If you have something in mind that is not included in the list above, please do tell me about it in the comments section below. Let's learn from each other as we journey through mommyhood together!

Happy Sunday, everyone!


  1. great lists Jen. Mine didn't work well because I gave birth more than a month early. So kahit ano na lang ang madampot. heheheh!

    1. Whoa really? Ako rin actually medyo late ko na naprepare yung akin dati, 30+weeks na ako nun. Buti na lang umabot. :)

  2. Great checklist! I'll be giving birth to my second baby this December (5 years after the first) and this post is a great reminder for me. Thanks!

    Dropping by from Mommy Bloggers Philippines. :)

    1. You're welcome! And congratulations for Baby No. 2! :)