Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ramble Schamble

Two Sundays ago was a busy day. As in. 

We were supposed to meet a friend of mine in Taguig. And since we seldom leave QC during the weekend, we decided to do our pending to do's in Taguig/Makati/Magallanes area. Our scheduled itinerary was full. Meet my friend, lunch, get parents' albums, get maternity prints, visit SM Aura.. However last Saturday night, something suddenly came up with my friend so he won't be able to meet us the next day. I thought we won't push through with our planned activities already but alas, natuloy pa rin kami! So finally, we were able to pick up the parents' albums (of our wedding) and the prints of my maternity shoot last December. I was also finally able to set foot in SM Aura.

SM Aura being a premier mall, my expectations were a bit high. Well actually ok naman ang impression ko but I just didn't expect that the place would be so small. But I guess I'm just used to SM North's wide passageways.

We didn't do anything much in SM because we had Lex with us. We just ate lunch, went to Baby Company to buy some toys then uwi na.

Let me just say that I love Mona Lisa Ristorante! The food is even better there than in Cibo! Coming from me, that is saying A LOT because Cibo has been my favorite pasta place for the past 5 years. Price at Mona Lisa is Cibo-ish lang rin, if I remember correctly. No pictures, I'm sorry. Too hungry. Too excited to eat. But here's Lex inside Mona Lisa. :)

Lex: Daddy makes such funny faces!
After eating, we stopped by Happy Lemon for "dessert". Mon got Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese and I got Milo Dinosaur.

Next stop was Baby Company, where I spent so much time looking over each toy! I'm trying to find a toy for Lex because I feel like he doesn't have much toys to play with at home. Honest. You might think we're spoiling him by giving him lots of toys but we're really not.

Just a quick segue, I've always thought toys were unnecessary. But then I read somewhere that toys, especially the educational ones, greatly encourage a child's play IQ. Some toys actually teach children perseverance, critical thinking, and strategy. It's not something trivial and of no value. May use din pala sila.

Anyway, I was looking through shelves and shelves of toys before I finally decided what to buy Lex. Siyempre Mon contributed with the decision also kasi kung hindi, hindi na kami makakaalis ng Baby Company!

We gave one toy muna kay Lex, assess how he reacts to it. Aba naman, masayang masaya ang batuta! Ayaw bitawan.


I just got a new laptop at work. Tell me, mas gaganahan ba akong magtrabaho kung bago ang laptop ko? Hmm. We'll see, we'll see. :)

A laptop means lesser wires and a cleaner workstation!
But it also means that I'll be impervious during brownouts! Hehe.


Lex attended a children's party for the very first time! It was my friend's daughter's first birthday party last month.
Maxyne's Baby Einstein themed party
This is Lex's only picture at the event. Tinulugan niya kasi. Haha! Toink.


Lex celebrated his 6th month birthday last July 9. Ang saya saya ng batuts! Normally, pag-uwi namin ni Mon after work, tulog na yang si batuts. Miracle of miracles, nung 6th month birthday niya, gising pa when we got home!

Lex: Really? For me? Wooowww!! Chocolate!!!!!


I will miss breastfeeding! I'm still breastfeeding now but I feel like milk is slowly drying out already. :( I never thought I would feel this because during the first two weeks of breastfeeding, wow, painful! But after a couple of weeks, I got over the pain and enjoyed it from then on. 

Still a breastfeeding mommy!


  1. You were lucky na napa breast feed mo si Lex for quite sometime, ako kasi almost 1 month lang eh. =(. I also felt Jen na hindi importante yung toys lalo na nung baby pa sya kasi sabi ko parang wala ngang kwenta, kalat lang sa house. Then I found out couple of months ago na marunong ng maglaro ang baby ko and Tadah!!! wala syang toys. Hahaha. Kakaloka.. =)

    1. Yes, it was a big revelation for me too! Ang hirap nga lang i-gauge kung anong gusto ng bata diba? Parang, sa parents pwedeng maganda yung toy pero hindi naman type ng bata. Isa pang napansin ko, walang pakialam ang bata kung kung mahal o mura man yung toy. Kanya kanya sila ng gusto!!