Thursday, July 3, 2014

#tbt My 2013 Year-Ender: The Big Bang Birthday (Part 1 of 2)

Ok, so I celebrated my birthday last year not really with a bang but with a quiet, grateful heart. Mon and I just had a quiet day at home. But I enjoyed it nonetheless. Mon surprised me with a Staycation@Home treat complete with the day's itinerary.

For breakfast, we had choco-banana pancakes. That's my most favorite flavor of pancakes. Ayoko nung mga blueberry chuvaness. Mababaw lang  talaga kaligayahan ko. Haha!

After a quick church visit, we had lunch at Omakase. My treat, of course! He loved it. Especially the Tonkatsu and Kani Tempura. I still like the Gyu-Chisu best. Appetizer na ginawa kong ulam. Hehe.

Kani Tempura


Pork Tonkatsu

Then we went home for dessert. Caramel cake from Estrel's. Yummy! As in hindi ko inakala ever in my life na makakatikim ako ng caramel cake na hindi matamis! That's usually why I don't like caramel, it's too sweet for my taste. But not Estrel's. Ang sarap talaga. Hindi nakaka-umay!

Yummiest caramel cake eveeeeerrrr!!!!

For entertainment, based on the itinerary, I had a choice of A Little Princess and Before Midnight. But I chose to watch The Hobbit instead kasi I know Mon super wants to watch The Hobbit 2 na. But he can't kasi I haven't watch the first movie yet. Mon cooked cheese popcorn pa for us. :)

Next up is the Traditional Santos Activity. Hindi ko na-gets ito. I kept on wondering kung ano yun. Wala naman kaming/silang traditional activity except matulog. Haha! So when I asked Mon about this, sabi niya we're starting a new tradition daw! Kung ano yun, watch out for Part 2 of my birthday post!

Haha sorry na sa pagbitin. It's past 10PM and family time na namin. Good night! :)

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