Friday, July 4, 2014

Maternity Shoot with Sofia Genato

Super late post!

As you may have read in the title, my story for tonight is about my maternity shoot with Sofia Genato. Sofia is the photographer behind the name The Stork Studio Lifestyle Photography. I came across her work when I was researching for a good photographer who specializes in maternity/newborn/family photos. And I must say, I am very impressed with her portfolio. 

After considering the cost of a maternity shoot with her (read: she does not come cheap!) and consulting it with Mon, I decided to book a session at The Stork Studio. Here's how my day went by the day of the shoot.


My appointment with the make up artist for this shoot is scheduled at 10am. I left the house at around 9am to get to Makati on time. 

Waiting while the glam team prepares their stuff.
Seated on Cat's make up chair.
A quick photo with Mon before they transform me into a pretty preggy.
That's me feeling all donya.
The preggo gets a pedicure while the glam team works their magic.
The girl in black is Cat Cantada. She did my make up for the shoot.
Here's Cat again checking my make up. I think this is the point when I told her to tame my eyebrows a bit.
It looks so stariray kasi. Hehe.
The preggo gets her hair fixed.
It's funny because I can't didn't want to put on too much hairspray since I was pregnant.
As a result, my hair lost all its curls during the shoot. Haha!
Meet the magician! Oops, I mean my make up artist! :)


I was advised by Sofia to bring several outfits to wear during the shoot. But since I wasn't fashionably conscious throughout my pregnancy, I had to shop around for some nice maternity clothes and who better to assist me than my very own fashion consultant, (Oh-em) Aze! I gotta tell ya, shopping with that lady is absolutely hilarious. She's frank-- no wait, make that very very very frank. 

"Oh I love it!"

"No, mukhang daster."

"Panget, hindi ko type."

"Hmm, keri lang."

Kita naman sa reactions diba? Mas madaming nega comments than positive. Super taas ng standards, ang hirap hirap i-please! But lucky for me because my pictures turned out to be ah-may-ziiiiing! Thanks, Oh-em! :)

Here are some of my favorite shots:

I super love this photo. Ang cute diba!?
I look a li'l fat here but I like this because ang pogi mo, Honey!
My own version of a dramatic shot. Haha!
And here's Sofia!

Whew, what a tiring day this was. Mahirap palang maging model. Haha! But I'm grateful that I was able to experience being one even just for a day. Hindi ko naman na ito uulitin (maybe?) so I'm glad that I went to the right people to document my first pregnancy. 

Want to hire these people? I highly recommend them!

Cat Cantada
Belle & Cat Nail and Wax Studio
Mobile: 0917-851-6608

Sofia Genato
The Stork Studio Lifestyle Photography


  1. I can actually hear Aze's voice in my head while reading those comments. Siyang siya yung "Hmm, keri lang." Haha. Pero ang winner ng: "No, mukhang disaster." Haha. Nice shots. Loved your make up :)


    1. It's not mukhang disaster. It's mukhang daster. As in yung mga sinusuot ng mga matatandang babae sa bahay! Hahaha

  2. Omg. You're right. Haha. Pagpasensyahan na at hilo hilo pa ako. Hehe.