Saturday, July 5, 2014

Lex's first day on solid food

We visited Lex's pedia last week and she told us Lex can start eating solids already. Technically, he's just 5 months and 3 weeks but since he's mixed feeding naman, there's no harm in starting solids a little early. 

Truth is, I haven't researched anything about feeding solids to babies yet. The knowledge I have only comes from what I read from mommy blogs, which isn't much. So we decided to just let another week pass before really starting him with solids. Today he's just 4 days shy of 6 months. 

In preparation for his first meal, Mon and I went out to buy a high chair. We got one from our favorite store, Mothercare.

The reason we got this chair is because it is foldable. Perfect for small spaces like our apartment. 

One of the tips given to me by a friend is to get a high chair that is easy to clean. The most perfect one actually is the Antilop high chair from Ikea. Kaya lang Antilop is not foldable so it's space consuming.

While we were at the store, Mon saw a baby food blender by Tommee Tippee. Aba, natuwa ang daddy! I was only supposed to get a manual food grinder by Munchkin, which costs only half the price of the food blender, but Mon told me to get the blender na lang. Mas madali nga naman ang buhay with a blender. This is what it looks like.

And finally, his eating utensils! These were given by Lex's Titos and Titas during his baptism.

Thanks Ninong Aaron and Tita Nica for my eating gadgets!

Ok! We're finally ready! Pedia says Lex can eat squash, carrots, or potato. We chose potato for his first food. 

It's actually easy. First, I boiled the potato then put it in the blender
Blend, blend, blend. Voila! Mashed potato! Gravy na lang ng KFC ang kulang. Joke! ;p
With all the painstaking preparations we have done, you'd think everything is/would go smoothly noh? WRONG!

Let's see how Lex feels about his first ever solid food experience. In fact, I'll just let him tell you about it.

Lex's Diaries:

Hi friends! Today my mommy made me my first ever solid meal! Friend doctor says she can feed me potatoes, carrots, or squash. She chose to feed me potatoes.
I'm so excited! I wonder how potatoes taste like? Mmmmmm....
Mommy, are you done yet?
Ok, here goes nothing!
Mommy, what is this??? What is this???
I don't like this, Mommy! Waaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!

So there you have it, folks! Our first attempt on solid food, fail! I didn't insist on feeding the rest of the food after he gave me this face. Baka ma-trauma eh. We'll just try again next time. :)


  1. Hi Mommy, same tayo ng nakitang high chair.. Sa mothercare rin kami tumingin eh, meron silang pink na ganyan kaya lang out of stock.. Tapos ask ko lang hm yung blender? Gusto ko rin bumili nyan.. ^_^

    Ang cute ni Lex! Kulit ng mukha nya, nakakagigil!

    1. Hi Rackell! Yung blender is Php1799 or Php1899, hindi ko tanda yung exact basta mga ganyan yung price niya. Happy feeding! :)

  2. Hi Mommy Jen, Mommy Jen here. Hehehe. My baby now was 8 months and is used to feeding, It was just funny when you captured that last photo. Heheh. So cute. You were right on not feeding him after he gave you that face pero usually it takes couple of tries before they get used to the taste daw eh. =)

    I want to introduce him to organic food next time from Healthy Options. =)