Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I'm baaack!

Miss ko nang magblog!

Believe me when I tell you that I have been thinking about blogging many times during the last few months but I just didn't have the time motivation to pick up my computer and actually do it. 

Plus! Mon has been using my Mac for his programming needs so I'm stuck with his Asus which I absolutely dislike using. Ok, that's a lame reason, I know, I know!

Not to mention, there is no space in the house that is conducive enough for blogging. Erm...

In conclusion, I have no real excuse for not blogging. Hehe. I'm just tired and lazy and I lack sleep. I'm also fairly new to this whole motherhood business and I'm still at that stage where I'm struggling to juggle everything on my plate. I just had to take time off to find my groove back.

Me logging in to my blogger account is actually a big step. Congratulations to me! I deserve a pat on the back. Mwaha.


Ze bebe is three months old today. Yey! Yes, it's been three months since Lex was born and in those three short months, so much growing up has happened in our little family! Literally and figuratively. Basta all I can say is that (responsible) parenthood is not something that a couple can just trudge into and expect that it's all going to be a walk in the park. No. It is difficult as it is glorious.

The first three months was extremely difficult. I had suffered from postpartum depression and as I have only begun exploring the fascinating (and exhausting) world of motherhood, I also had to learn and unlearn so many different things. Being a mother is like being in a whole new universe. And one will not understand nor appreciate that statement until one becomes a mother herself. Kasi it's not just taking care of the child e. It's the child plus everything that goes with it: managing the in-laws, managing the yaya, managing time for yourself and the expectations of the husband, managing work (if you work full time), managing the finances, managing social responsibilities.. so many things diba!? And a mother does all that while trying her damn hardest to function with zero sleep. 

I admit that I couldn't have done so well during Lex's first months without my very supportive and helpful husband. More than any other time in my life, it was in those months that I realized na I really chose my husband well. I am very lucky to have him by my side as we raise our son in this world.

That's it muna for now! Ang dami pang naka-line up na topics to blog about. Stay tuned!

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