Friday, April 18, 2014

We attended the Cirque Du Bebe fair!

For quite some time, I have been reading about baby fairs in the different mommy blogs I follow. I always find it cute when they feature their loots. Nakakatuwa lang because I discover so many different baby brands that I previously don't know about. I look forward to the day when I too, can go to a baby fair and blog about my loots. Malay natin, a reader might pick up something from it, just like how I picked up a lot of things from the blogs I read.

Last month's Cirque Du Bebe event at the Bench Tower in Bonifacio Global City gave me the perfect opportunity. It's the second baby fair I have ever attended, and the first I have gone to with Lex. We didn't stay long enough to attend the talks because Lex was getting fussy. Hehe. Besides, I didn't really need anything. I only wanted to look around and learn about new products and innovations baby brands have to offer these days.

So here are my loots!

1. Cycles Sensitive Natural Insect Repellent

Since getting sick of dengue last year, I've been extra careful of the places I go to. Kapag malamok, count me out! But one can only do so much. I mean, what if the lamok comes to you diba!? Hence, the purchase.

There are other mosquito repellent products available at the fair. Pero kilala ko na ang Cycles e. I use their laundry detergent on Lex's clothes and I am very satisfied with it. Kaya out of all the insect repellent products I saw there, I still chose Cycles.

2. Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

This is my second breast pump. My first is a double electric pump which I use at the office everyday. Since my electric pump is heavy to lug around, I bought this as a spare for when I have to pump milk at night.

Let me just say that I love Medela! This is a fairly inexpensive pump considering that it works wonders.

3. Simple Wishes Hands Free Breast Pump Bra

I originally only have one of this since I find it soooo expensive! But it was offered at a discounted price at the fair so I took advantage and got another one. Yey!

4. Lassig Diaper Bag

Ok, this one I got out of impulse. I just find it so pretty! Since we don't have an "official" diaper bag yet the one we got as a free item when we bought the crib just didn't cut it with me... aesthetically. haha!, I bought one.

Mind you, I didn't just buy any bag I fancy. I bought it because it's not only stylish, it's functional as well! Let me walk you through.

The bag has two organized compartments and it comes with a portable changing mat where you can lay the baby during nappy changes.

It has an insulated, removable bottle holder, a zip pouch, and an additional adjustable shoulder strap.

It also has a water repellent wet pocket for soiled diapers and
three pockets for milk bottles, fitted to prevent it from tumbling around the bag.

I'm the type of person who pays attention to detail. And though it isn't a part of its functionality, I love that the brand is engraved in each of its zippers. It gives the perfect finishing touch to the already perfect bag.

And the best part is...

Oh yes! This purty, purty bag is greatly marked down to my utmost delight!

So these are my loots at the Cirque Du Bebe fair. I am so in love with all of them and I always look forward to using them each time.

Before I close this post, let me just share with you a couple of photos taken at the fair.

Here I am with Lex, who was not in the mood. Hehe.

The baby daddy who found something to enjoy besides shopping.

What about you? Any mommy loots you want to share? 


  1. Hi Mommy Jen, na try mo na kay baby lex yung insect repellent? Parang gusto ko rin kasing bilhan si Rhian nyan eh. Alam mo na, lapit ng tag ulan at uso na ang dengue.

    1. Hi Rackell, yep na-try ko na yung insect repellent kay Lex. Ok naman. Although I'm not sure if I'm in the position to say this kasi hindi naman talaga malamok sa bahay in the first place (or hindi PA, since magsstart pa lang ang tag-lamok season diba). It's more of prevention lang talaga. Last year kasi na-dengue kaming dalawa ni Mon. So medyo nag-iingat na rin. Try mo na lang. Prevention is better than cure. :)