Friday, January 31, 2014

Labor & delivery: how it all happened

So I have finally given birth to our darling baby boy Alexander.


It was dawn of January 9, around 2:37, when I felt it. I was already on leave from work since Monday and though I am already feeling very mild contractions then, it was nothing like I've felt that fateful morning. I monitored the contractions for an hour and established that it was 10-15 minutes apart.

Hon, wake up!

I told Mon about my contractions and we monitored it again for another hour. By then it was already coming faster and more painful. 6-8 minutes apart. Ok, time to go to the hospital! This is it! 

By the time we got to the hospital at around 5:00, I was told that I was 4cms dilated already. That's when they decided to transfer me from the maternity unit to the labor room.

Mon was not with me during labor. In St. Luke's, there are two rooms where women can stay in during labor: the Labor Room and the High-Risk Pregnancy Unit (HRPU). They gave us a choice if we wanted to be together during labor, but the price kind of dictated it. Hahaha! You see, if I opted to stay at the HRPU, we would have shelled out around 4k more than if I choose to stay at the Labor Room. My husband was willing to stay with me at the HRPU and we can afford it too, but I just don't find it practical. So it was, "Hey, see you later, Hon! I love you!".

How my contractions felt like 

I've read that contractions and labor feel different from woman to woman. Mine felt like menstrual cramps, you know that squeezing feeling when you have your period? Only it was loads more painful! Shiz, nakakaiyak siya. It's like having dysmenorrhea x 10! You know what got me through the whole ordeal? Praying! Trust me, it works!

Funny story. During labor, a nurse approached me and asked questions about my medical history. I kept asking her to wait while my contractions subsided. As in, "Nurse, wait lang ha, masakit eh, hindi ako makasagot." Then as the contraction reaches its peak, I would tightly clutch the side bars of the hospital bed, crunch my face, grunt "Oooouuuccchhhh.", and breathe "Hoooo... hoooo...". Once the contraction was over, "Ok Nurse, game na." 


After about an hour of active labor, they gave me a sedative, which is why I felt so groggy the rest of the time. I was awake or I think I was awake, but I felt so high. Parang on drugs lang. The next thing I remember, I'm at the delivery room and there are hordes of people in front of me counting "1, 2, 3, push!". That's when I realized that I was about to deliver the baby! As the final contractions went through, I felt a sudden whoosh and it felt like I peed in front of everyone! As it turned out, it was my water breaking. Another contraction, everyone counting "1, 2, 3, push!" in unison, and bam! The baby's out. 

I couldn't believe it! It's done and I really did it! But it honestly felt like I didn't know what was happening the whole time. I had to ask Mon, who was beside me, if I had given birth normally. Hahaha ang weird ko. What was even weirder is that I remember asking him afterwards, "Hon, when did you get here?".

Everything happened so fast. I didn't even remember if I was given an epidural. But I must have been given one, since I didn't feel a thing when they were giving me stitches down there. 

The epic moment

The very first time I saw Lex was when he was latched on to me in the delivery room. But no, the feeling wasn't epic. I had none of that "Hollywood-style wave of emotion when you meet the baby for the first time". Instead what I felt was relief. Relief that it was finally done. He's out. He's really here. Like whoa, he's really here? Is this really happening?

Our epic moment didn't come until a few days after we got home. I was breastfeeding him one night and we were alone in our room, the lights dimmed so he could go straight to sleep. As he was happily suckling at my breast, I gently touched his hand and his tiny little fingers curled into mine. I tried prying my finger off but I just can't. He has a tight grip, my little boy. And I imagine him telling me right then, "Hi, Mama! I am very happy to meet you at last." to which I replied, "Hello, Alexander! I am very happy to meet you too!" I know it sounds weird but I really think that Lex and I have an unspoken bond. At that point, my heart swelled with so much love I didn't even thought I was capable of. My heart is peaceful, content, happy, and grateful for this wonderful gift from God. And that, my friends, is when I finally felt that I am a mother.


  1. MG: Awww... :) was waiting for this post. Let me tell you this, ang superhero mo kaya sa office, especially sa mga mommies dun when we learned how "agad-agad" your labor/delivery was. Ikaw na talaga girl! :) Loved reading about your epic moment with Baby Lex. So heartwarming. Marami pang ganyan :) So happy for you and Mon :)

  2. Again, congrats mommy jen! Galing mong mag push! :)