Wednesday, January 8, 2014

First pregnancy update for the year

Ahoy there! 

How have you all been? Me, I'm just cooped up at home since Monday waiting for D-Day. I came from the OB's clinic last Saturday and she said that I'm already 2-3 cms dilated so she advised me to take a leave from work because I could give birth any day this week. But it's Wednesday now and still nothing. Our little bebe is still taking his sweet time in my womb. Can't complain as the thought of giving birth kind of scares me but we're also so, so excited to see him so... mixed feelings actually.

Are we ready? We're ready as we'll ever be. I'm at the point where I just offer everything up to God and just wait and see what happens, ya know? I'm scared but He pacifies me. And because of that, I become less worried. 

I wonder when this little bebe is coming out? Sigh. Ready when you are, Baby Lex! 

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  1. Wow Mommy Jen, 2-3cms ka na. Ako last Saturday, 1cm na pero still napasok pa ko sa office. This coming Sat check ulit kung ilan cm na ko para makapag leave na. Naku, same tayo mixed emotions. Kinakabahan na naeexcite! I'm so excited also to see baby lex.. :)