Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Big Bang Couple turns 1!

One Year. WOW.

It seems like only yesterday when I giddily walked down the aisle towards my prince charming. Now we are married for one whole year! Even at this point, I really still can't believe a year has passed since the day that picture above was taken. Time goes by so fast, I tell ya. So fast.

Let me tell you about our anniversary weekend.

Our initial plan to celebrate our first year anniversary is to travel abroad. But God has a different plan for us. Five months after getting hitched, somebody decided to come along and hop in for the Big Bang Ride. On May 15 this year, we found out that we're pregnant with our little Baby Lex! As a result, travel plans were postponed and the money set aside for travel was appropriated to the baby instead.

Because of my limited movements (I am 34 weeks pregnant as of our anniversary date), we chose to do something low-key to celebrate our anniversary. And what is more low-key than a simple staycation in the city!

Happy 1st Anniversary to us, Honey!
December 7, 2013
Edsa Shangri-la Hotel

I am very happy with the service at Edsa Shang. People there are very courteous and polite and punctual! Yes, punctual! Critical incident: we decided on in-room dining for our anniversary dinner. The coordinator told us that the food will be served in 45 mins, but it came in just 30 mins! It was very delicious too... freshly cooked pork and chicken and seafood. Hmm...yum!!

Our room was also upgraded free of charge (the rate of a newly-renovated room is slightly higher than the rate of their old room). We only decided to stay in one of their old rooms but they gave us a newly-renovated room with the new room design and new furniture and new everything! We were so delighted. Everything's perfect!

The renovated pool area was also newly opened last December 5. Mon was supposed to go swimming but decided against it once he got a feel of the bed. Hahaha! Ganyan talaga kami parati. Everytime na nagsstaycation kami, hindi na kami nakakapag-swimming dahil tamad na kaming umalis ng kwarto. Well, I guess everything's going to change once this little one pops out next month! Hehe.

Pool Area
We walked around the pool area after our buffet breakfast at Heat the next day.

After checking out, we went to Shangri-la Plaza to eat cake. Mon promised to take me to Illy to try their Red Velvet Cake. He said it's better than all the other Red Velvet Cakes he had tasted before.


I also squeezed in a little something for myself in that short mall trip. Sshhh.. :)

After Shangri-la Plaza, we went to Rockwell to visit the Mommy Mundo Bazaar. It was my first time to go to a baby event and I must say, nakaka-overwhelm siya ha! There were so many booths selling baby (and mommy) stuff kaya lang we weren't able to stay long kasi ang daming tao! Not very conducive for pregnant women like me. If I'm not pregnant siguro, kahit 3 hours pa akong tumambay dun, keri lang. Ang dami kasi talagang booths and it's nice to talk to the business owners there. 

One booth we were looking forward to visiting (and buying from!) though wasn't there. Mommy Treats! I got to try Mommy Paola's lactation brownies in the latest What to Expect seminar at The Medela House last month and ang sarap talaga! Hay. Sayang. Even si Hubs sobrang nilook forward yun. Oh well, I can always buy online naman.

The only thing we bought at the Bazaar and I am so very happy with it is this set of onesies from Mothering Earthlings. 

Mothering Earthlings Onesies
I fell in love with this set since I first saw it online. Happy to finally get one for Lex!

To end this anniversary post, I would like to give a message to my husband of one year.

Hi, Honey!

Thank you for the most wonderful year of my life! It wasn't perfect but it's the closest thing to that. We've had our fair share of ups and downs, of laughters and learning experiences, of exciting and meh moments. I am glad that we were able to get past our first year and come out even more in love with each other. I know our years will just keep on getting better and better because we have each other and we have God to guide us and to remind us everyday the importance of the vows we made to each other the day we got married.

Hon, you will be AN AMAZING FATHER. I know that without a doubt. As we embark on a new adventure, this time with our little Baby Lex, I hope that we can continue to keep the fire burning between us and be the kind of family we had hoped and dreamed together many years ago.

It's always fun dreaming dreams with you. And the fact that our dreams are slowly becoming a reality makes it all the more exciting and fun to dream. Knowing that with each other, we can achieve anything. With each other, there are limitless possibilities.

I love you, Honey. I love you with all my heart and soul and with every fiber of my being. I am yours forever.

Loving you always,


  1. Happy Anniversary! Parehas pala tayo mommy, change plan for our 1st anniversary kc dumating si Rhian samin, less travel because of pregnancy. Pero for sure pag labas ng mga babies natin, larga na ulit tayo.. Stay In-Love!

  2. Thanks, Mommy Rackell! Naku, paglabas ng babies natin, super busy na tayo to even plan to travel! Kami siguro wait muna ng 1 year before mag-plan to travel ulit. Adjust muna kami sa bagong set-up with the baby. :)