Thursday, December 19, 2013

SRA's movie night!

My colleague has been bugging me to do this post so here it is!

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*Ahem* Hi, MG! :)
The first celebration I attended this December was SRA's mini-reunion. We've been deciding for almost an entire year on where to spend our Ayala eGC winnings from last year's Rewards and Recognition Program. Ahem, ahem. We won as Best Team, by the way. Kudos to our lovely and ever so efficient manager, Blossom Faith S. Bote! :)

So many things have happened since we won the award last April. SRA is not called SRA anymore, three of its members were transferred to other teams, three new members replaced the old ones... so many things I'd rather not say in detail.

Two weeks ago, December 6 to be exact, my old team and I finally decided to go on a movie night, something the team had never done before. We watched the Disney animated film Frozen at Greenbelt 3, complete with gourmet popcorn and fresh lemonade!

What's a celebration without pictures?

We left for Greenbelt at different times. MG, Jun, and I were the first to go.
Then Aleli and Faith.
Isa sa kanila masayang masaya. Sino kaya? #alamna
Lyn and Chase
Then Lynne and Chase.
The first batch waited a while for the others to arrive. So we just took photos of ourselves to pass time.

First Batch
We bought fresh lemonade for everyone!
Err.. We were hungry too. Hehehe.
Can't get over the cheese dip. Ang charrap!!
More photos when Faith and Aleli arrived.

With Faith
Parang celebrity lang si Manager?
Lynne and Chase arrived at the nick of time so we weren't able to take a decent team photo before the movie.

Here we are inside the movie house! Soooo excited!
Finally, a team photo to commemorate the event after the movie! 

Team SRA, Circa 2012
Random Pics
Random photos after the movie.
We ate dinner at Recipes c/o our generous manager. :)

Waiting for seats!
At Recipes
During dinner.
We capped the night off with dessert at Red Mango.

Of course I had to be in the picture! LOL!
We finished fairly early at around 10PM. It was a tiring week for all of us, what with the tight deadlines at work. This mini-reunion gave us the perfect opportunity to unwind.

Sometime during the dessert, it dawned on us that we are the last batch of Team SRA.. so we should cherish this rare time together. Next year will be very different for all of us. There will be other priorities, other people involved, other much pressing issues to conquer. But we are comforted with the fact that our lives are intertwined, intricately woven, as there are friendships and ties that just won't break easily. Externally, we can feel the difference. But deep down we all know that what we are to each other will always, always be the same.

Cheers to Team SRA!!

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