Saturday, November 2, 2013

On blogging and just doing it!

One blogger I really really look up to is Frances Sales. I've been following her blog since the very beginning (I think it was in year 2006 when she created Topaz Horizon) and I've never stopped following her blog ever since. I love her simplicity and honesty in blogging.  I think she may even have influenced me in some areas of my life, like making the first move to propose marriage to my then boyfriend (now my husband! hah! nagwagi naman ako, thank God!). I already forgot how I came to know her blog basta all I know is that I was hooked from the very first post. 

So anyway, the reason I'm blogging about her is because of this feature over at Dainty Mom where she was asked to share some tips to bloggers who are struggling to write and she said:
"First, blogging is not for everyone. You don’t need to be the best grammarian in the world or the best photographer or the best mom to start a blog. All you need to be is to be a storyteller. You have to be willing to open yourself up to the world, even if it means making yourself vulnerable to criticism, nastiness and even hate. If you can’t be willing to face the consequences of sharing your life, you can’t write about your life. It’s really as simple as that! 
Second, be part of a community. Visit other blogs and really read them. Leave meaningful comments. Reply to comments on your blog. Sometimes when you can’t think of anything to write, just checking out what other bloggers are writing about or what your readers are telling you on your comments box will get the gears going. 
Third, just do it. Don’t think about building a brand or buying the best camera or getting a web designer or editing unpublished drafts till they’re perfect. When you’re starting, just start! Every day that you’re putting off writing is a day of lost stories."
- Frances Sales
I love what she said. It has inspired in me a renewed sense of purpose in blogging. Truth is, I've been blogging far, far longer before I created The Reluctant Storyteller. My first blog, I believe, I created in 2003. But I've always deleted my previous blogs because I always think that it's not good enough to be published in cyberspace (which was such a waste really because the whole point of creating an online diary is to immortalize one's thoughts and then I go and burn 'em to the ground). Now I can never bring it back. Lesson learned the hard way.

Anyway, I'm back now. Hopefully for good.


  1. Hi mommy jen, normal lang talaga sa isang blogger ang maraming haters, but still they cannot stop you in writing parang ako, super dami kong bashers but I don't care. Kung ayaw nila sa blog ko wag nilang basahin. Basta mommy, stay pretty and healthy for your baby boy.. Take Care!

  2. Hi Mommy Rackell! Wala naman akong haters/bashers so far. Hindi kasi sikat ang blog ko. Haha! ;p It's just that there are so many good blogs out there and I've always felt like I have nothing to contribute. But I have a strong resolve to continue blogging now. No matter what. Sana lang makahanap ng enough time to blog.

    Thanks for leaving comments in my blog. Really appreciate it! :)