Sunday, September 22, 2013

The shopping has begun

Now that we know Dotty's gender, let's go shopping na! :)

Confession: I had no idea kung gaano karaming gamit ang kailangan ng isang baby. When I first got Baby Company's Baby Checklist, I was honestly overwhelmed. As in tumaas ang stress level ko! My mind was screaming, "My gosh, ano 'tong mga 'to?!?!?!" I think other first time moms can relate to this.

So first thing I did was to visit baby stores to acquaint myself with some of the items in the list. I also asked mommy friends for advice on what to buy first. "Research research din pag may time" ang peg! It literally took me few months bago ko paka-titigan yung checklist ulit. Na-trauma ata ako! Hehe.

As I've mentioned here, the first thing we bought for Dotty is a chest of drawers. My sister gave me her children's baby clothes and since wala nang space sa closet namin ni Mon, we decided that we might as well buy a big chest for the baby.

Then next we bought were baby bottles, extra teats, bottle cleaner, and a bottle sterilizer. Amazing nga si Baby Company kasi ang daming freebies! Sale month kasi this month kaya timing din. I got a free night lamp for Dotty and an Aranaz "mommy bag" which looks something like this:

Mine looks exactly like this, but with blue lining.
Nice noh? :)

Next up will be nursery furnishings and linens, bathing and grooming accessories, then other newborn basics. We still have a loooong way to go but we're enjoying every moment of it.


  1. Wow! nag shopping galore ka na mommy ha.. Buti ka pa, kami hindi pa as in wala pa.. Super saya mamili ng gamit ni baby noh. When ba delivery date? This year na ba?

  2. Hi Rackell, on January pa ang due date ko but we started shopping earlier para umabot sa sale ng Baby Company. Mahal rin kasi ang mga stuff ni baby so any discount is greatly appreciated. :)

  3. OMG! I want the Aranaz mommy bag!!! Where can I get this??!!! I need this bag in my life. Joke lang! Pero gusto ko talaga sya!!