Sunday, September 29, 2013

Baby Company, truly your one-stop shop for all your baby needs!

From the title of this blog post alone, you can tell that I am one very satisfied customer of Baby Company. Sadly, their sale month is coming to an end tomorrow. Aww. But I'm still happy because I was able to take advantage of the sale for 3 whole weekends! Hooray for all the savings!

Now before you think that we hoarded baby stuff during the sale, no, we did not. We really just bought items that we're sure no one would give us, a crib! :)

This item was not on sale but we still got 10% off the original price
because we registered in their baby registry.

We opted for a Pack & Play instead of a wooden crib because of its size and portability. We originally wanted a wooden crib that grows with the baby, you know those ones that convert into a toddler bed, but its size just wouldn't do in our teeny tiny apartment! Whereas the Pack & Play already has a changing station and a musical crib mobile and a baby mattress. It's no brainer for us to get this one really. We picked a brown theme with blue and green patterns for our baby boy. Oh, and we got a free diaper bag because of this purchase!

...pillows! :)

photo 4

We were quite surprised, we didn't know that beddings can cost so much! We got beddings with a safari-themed design. So cute! Especially the lion cub bit on the upper-left corner of the head pillow. As you can see in the picture, it has a white, yellow, and brown combination to match the brown crib we got Dotty.

...blankets and waterproof mattress pads! :)

blankets waterproof pads

We got extra receiving blankets because as I've learned, marami palang gamit ang receiving blanket!   Pwede siyang pansapin everywhere! Sa bed, sa stroller, sa carrier... everywhere! We also got light cotton blankets for sleeping.

...extra comforter and pillowcases! :)

extra pillowcases and comforter

The first time we saw this design, we were instantly smitten! Looks so grand diba? Sad that a pillowcase and comforter set was not available the first time we saw it at Baby Company. So I just got the pillowcases first and vowed to look for the matching comforter at a different branch. Success!!

We haven't bought Dotty any item of clothing yet since my sister gave me her children's newborn clothes, which I just sorted out a while ago. Twas fun looking at all the clothes, imagining my niece and nephew in it some 9 or 10 years ago. Yes, the clothes are THAT old! But still in very good condition. We'll probably just get cute onesies for Dotty para hindi naman lahat ng damit niya puro hand-me-downs. LOL!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.


  1. Kumuha ka rin ba ng Mom Card? I got mine last Saturday and nagulat kami sa checklist nila for baby.. hehe

    1. Yep! I got mine 3 weeks ago, same time nung nalaman ko yung gender ni baby.

      I got a copy of their checklist months ago! Same reaction, nagulat din ako sa dami! Pero after reviewing it, hindi naman pala lahat ng mga nandun super duper kailangan as there are cheaper alternatives naman and there are some na pwede mong bilhin at a lower quantity muna. Some items can also wait. Hindi kaagad kailangan pagkalabas ni baby. :)

      Start ka na ba? Happy shopping!

    2. Naku, di pa ko nag shopping.. ayaw pa ng mom ko due to pamahiin, sabi nya pag 7 months na daw tska daw kami mamili.. buti ka pa nga dami mo ng gamit for baby..ang saya mamili db..

    3. Oh, those pamahiin talaga! Haha!

      Hmm yes, nakakatuwa mamili pero nakakapagod din siya sobra! pag namimili nga kami we literally ask for seats tapos I tell them what I need then they bring it to me. Haha! Sales people are happy to do that naman for preggy me. I think sanay na sila sa mga buntis! :)

    4. Tama! kahit pag namimili si hubby ng mga damit, naku lagi akong binibigyan ng upuan. Haha.
      Na excite lalo ako mamili ng gamit ni baby.. at least kayo nakakabili na kahit paunti-unti. .:)