Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First purchase for the baby!

I'm exactly 18w5d today and already Mon and I have started looking for baby things! Excited much lang? Hehe. Better early than late, baka naman ang laki na ng tiyan ko saka pa kami mag-start eh wala pa naman kaming ka-alam alam sa mga kagamitan ng baby. Serious! We're both the youngest in the family so we have never experienced taking care of a younger sibling. Tapos hindi pa ako mahilig sa bata. Si Mon naman, while he likes kids, yung pagka-like niya is limited to playing with them lang. Haha! We have never tried changing a baby's nappy or putting a baby to sleep or kahit magtimpla man lang ng gatas. So how ever will we raise this little sweetheart? We'll need plenty of education and practice!

I received Dotty's very first baby item a few weeks ago. A cousin from the States oh-so-kindly sent me 4 pcs. of receiving blankets. Confession: nung time na yun, I didn't really know what a receiving blanket is. Ang alam ko lang, kailangan ko siya dahil kasama siya sa Baby Checklist ng Baby Company. Haha! Actually hanggang ngayon, hindi pa rin ako sure kung ano yun pero I'm guessing na yun yung cloth na ginagamit to wrap a newborn baby?

According to wiktionary, a receiving blanket is a lightweight blanket that is wrapped around or placed under a partially or fully nude baby for warmth and hygiene. So yun nga yun. :)

Then last week, my sister sent me her kids' old baby clothes. Lots and lots of white tops and light pants. I'm guessing na mga pambahay and pantulog yung mga yun. So now I have a large paperbag full of baby clothes lying around the room.

I generally don't like clutter. I grew up in a very clean home (as in my mom cleans the whole house every single day! I swear, pwede kang humiga sa sahig sa sobrang linis.) which is why clutter irritates me to no end! Especially pag araw araw kong nakikita (i.e. clutter inside the room), inis na inis talaga ako. And so because of that, we decided to buy Dotty his/her own chest of drawers for his/her stuff! 

I know a chest is not a very "baby" thing but at this point, it's what he/she needs! It's to be delivered next week at excited na akong ligpitin ang mga gamit ni Dot-dot sa drawer niya. 

We got Dot-dot's chest at Mandaue Foam.
For those on a budget, masarap mag-shopping dun kasi their prices are very reasonable. 

We've been looking at cribs and strollers recently but we can't actually buy one until we know the gender. We saw a crib we liked at SM Makati one time but the color combination is Teal and White. It's actually unisex but Mon and I agreed that the color is too girly for a boy. So, next time.

UPDATE 09/07/13: The chest was finally delivered last week and this is how it looks like.



  1. Wow! Buti pa kayo nakabili na ng gamit ni baby.. kami hindi pa, kahit na alam na namin gender ni baby.. Pwede ka ng magpa ultrasound para malaman mo na gender nya.. Nakakaexcite!

    1. Tawag na ng pangangailangan eh! Haha! Start ka na rin! Kahit canvas canvas lang, masaya yun! :)

      Yeah, my ultrasound is scheduled three weeks from now. I'd be around 22 weeks by then. My OB didn't want me to have an ultrasound before my 20th week kasi baka hindi pa makita masyado, masayang lang. Tska para no false hopes na rin. :)

      You're one of the lucky ones na nalaman na agad gender before you're even halfway! Mabait baby mo, ni-reveal niya agad. Hehe. ;p

    2. Haha.. Uu nga na eexcite na kong mamili ng gamit ni baby..

      Tingin ko, girl yung baby mo.. Blooming ka kasi.. ^_^

    3. Hehe. Thanks! I'll post the ultrasound result on my blog once we know. Btw, Baby Company is having a sale this month. Best time to buy baby stuff! :)