Sunday, August 11, 2013

A TEMPURfect day!

A few weeks back, I was craving for Wicked Macaroni and Cheese from Mr. Jones. Fast forward to yesterday, Mon finally accepted my request to go to Makati on a weekend! Yiiiiiiihhh, kilig!!

You see, on weekends, we don't usually stray far from where we live. Nakakapagod. We figure that time spent driving can be used to rest or sleep instead. And weekends are very sacred to both of us. It's our time to relax and recharge for another full week ahead. If we must go out on a weekend due to a need or just plain boredom, we make it a point to go somewhere near lang.

Since it's a long weekend naman and we had enough rest last Friday, he agreed to go to Makati with me. Aside from Mr. Jones, we also had other errands to do there. 

Because we were both Greenbelt "virgins", we didn't know that the stores open there at 11am pala! The only store we saw that opened before 11am is The Body Shop, which is fortunate because I've been meaning to buy moisturising sticks for my pregnant tummy. I ran out and the moisturising stick I need was out-of-stock in all The Body Shops I've been to (SM Makati and Glorietta branches). So nagpaka-Ariel na ako and hoarded. These were the last three stocks they had.

Cocoa Butter

Without anything to do after, nag-OOTD na lang!

At 17 weeks!
Top: Plains and Prints
Cardigan: Mango
Pants: Natale
Shoes: Grendha

We ate lunch at Mr. Jones. What we ate:

Mr Jones
From top left clockwise: Frozen Iced Tea & Lemonade in Grape, 
Wicked Macaroni and Cheese, 
A&W Rootbeer Float, Mr. Jones Overload with Glazed Pineapple Spam

I loved the Frozen Iced Tea & Lemonade, all else, steady lang. I mean, under normal circumstances, I would have really loved the Mac & Cheese... Favorite ko kaya yun sobra before! And I still recommend it to anyone who asks but I think my pregnant taste buds did not take a liking to it as much as my normal taste buds did. But still, it was worth the wait.

After lunch, we went to the Tempur Showroom to buy a pillow. Ohmygosh, pillow-buying has never been this enjoyable! It was a different experience altogether. Tempur has different kinds of specialized pillows, depending on how you sleep: back, side, or tummy. I'm a back and side-sleeper so we tried out pillows that are perfect for back and side-sleeping. That would be the Symphony and the Sonata. We also tried out another pillow, the Cloud, just because ang sarap niyang hawakan. Ang lambot kasi! Hehe.

After choosing our desired pillow/s, we were ushered into a private room where we can try it out. The room has a bed (with a Tempur mattress and topper) with two side lamps and a table to place our things on. Bedroom setting talaga.

The actual pillow test.

Upper Frames: Symphony
Lower Left: Cloud
Lower Right: Sonata

What I loved about the whole experience, aside from the pillow test, was the service. No unnecessary sales talk, only helpful information. They had recommendations but not once did I feel that they were insistent. And they literally left us alone in the private room, no matter how long it took for us to decide. We were in there mga 45 minutes siguro? That's including the time we spent listening to the audio presentation na but still, the presentation was not long to begin with.

In the end, I finally decided on the Symphony pillow as this one is perfect for back and side sleeping alike. Double purpose na siya. Sonata kasi is good for side-sleeping lang. I mean, obviously, wala namang kaso yun if you use Sonata while lying on your back diba, coz alangan namang magpalit ka pa ng unan habang natutulog. Yung level of comfort lang siguro that you'll get would be different. But if I were to buy my next Tempur pillow, I'd definitely get Sonata.

Thanks for another early Christmas gift, Honey!! :)

I really love buying for the home! I get a kick thinking of the time when Mon and I will finally move to our own place. I bet we'll have so much fun shopping and decorating! Well, I'll have fun for sure. I think Mon would leave me in-charge as long as I furnish our living room with state-of-the-art surround speakers. That's all he asks.

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