Sunday, July 21, 2013

All about my first trimester


How do I do this? Let me just start at the very beginning.

What I felt when I first found out. When I discovered that I'm pregnant, I was in denial. Promise! I even tested thrice with a home pregnancy test because I really wanted to make sure that I got the right result. Malay ko ba, baka defective lang pala yung first test diba? The same day, I consulted with my OB who told me that yes, home pregnancy tests are almost 100% accurate so I really shouldn't doubt too much. But she told me to wait for 2 weeks more before I undergo an ultrasound since it was too early to see the baby. I was around 4 weeks when I found out. That's technically 2 weeks since conception.

And then? When the feeling finally sunk in after a few days, I started to feel really really worried. Well, worried-slash-excited but more worried, I guess. I started having "what have I gotten myself into?" thoughts and, "can I/we really do this?". But all the worries faded away as the days pass. Because He lives, I can face tomorrow. For always and more so when things are out of my control, I am thankful that there is a God I can depend on.

First trimester experiences.
  • I did not throw up, thank God! But I did have the urge to vomit sometime around the 7th week, but that was it.
  • I gained 8 pounds. Because I wasn't very sensitive to food, I was unstoppable at the dining table. I especially liked everything cold. Fruit shakes, mais con hielo, halo-halo, ice-cold OJ, icy sago't gulaman... Basta everything has to be cold, cold, cold!
  • My fruit intake increased. For some reason, I craved for fresh fruits such as apples, ponkan, melon, mango, and grapes. 
  • I started eating food I didn't used to eat. Like, palabok and pancit. This got me into thinking that this baby inherited Mon's taste buds. 
  • I was consistently hungry. As in I would wake up in the middle of the night and eat crackers while I concentrate on going back to sleep.
  • Constant peeing. Before I used to pee only once during sleeping hours. But that once went to thrice or four times during the last three months. 
  • Exhaustion. Felt this sometime around the 9th and 10th week. I was sleeping 8-10 hours a day and yet, I still felt slave tired.
  • I experienced implantation bleeding, which is perfectly normal but is not experienced by all pregnant women. 
  • Breast tenderness. Like, PMS tender times 2! Nonetheless, it's my most favorite pregnancy sign. I've now graduated from an A cup to a B cup. How cool is that?!!!
  • Headache. Just mild and I only experienced it once.  
  • Nauseated with the smell of oil used in deep frying and kalamansi-flavored pancit canton. 
  • I was hospitalized due to dengue.

Baby names? We have begun thinking about baby names but nothing is set in stone yet. We have decided on a girl's name, but of course it can still change at the last minute. If Dotty's a boy, well, we really haven't decided yet. I wanted the name Raymond to be included as a second name but Mon completely objects! We kid around that if the time comes when we really need the names and we still haven't decided, we'll just name them Jimmy or Judy Ann. Haha! Corny.

What I'm feeling now. Happy and excited! I guess it helps that the people I am around with supports me with my pregnancy 100%. My family is super thrilled and my colleagues are very very excited! When they see me they always smile and comment (sensitively!) at the changes they see in my body. Like right now, at 14 weeks, my bump is starting to show and they feel so giddy and start touching my tummy! Good thing I don't have any aversion to tummy touching. I heard some women don't like it. But I really don't mind.

Realizations. As I've said, a time like this that makes me doubly grateful that there's a God I can depend on. Being pregnant is no easy feat. There's the constant paranoia and self-doubt that we pregnant women feel everyday. But God is really good! He pacifies me and strengthens me and He gives me hope for the future. In my every prayer, I always give thanks to Him for this blessing He has given Mon and I, His own child! And being a steward of God's child on earth is a great responsibility that Mon and I happily accept.

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