Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Quick pregnancy update!

I'm happy to report that i'm 10w/4d pregnant yesterday. :) Last Saturday, Mon and I heard Dotty's heartbeat for the very first time via Doppler. Dotty's heartbeat is so fast, we couldn't get any more excited than hearing that strong, quick sound going dug dug dug dug dug...

My third month will end in about a couple of weeks or so and I can't wait to finally bid my first trimester goodbye. The higher risk of miscarriage in the first trim is scaring me out of my wits! Though during my last prenatal checkup, my OB assured me that malakas ang kapit ni Dotty so I was quite relieved and reassured to hear that.

My baby bump is still not noticeable to everyone as it just kind of looks like extra tummy fat at first glance. I can prove this because no one ever offers me a seat in the train! But my officemates and other people close to me can already see the difference. The first and only stranger so far who had noticed is the Ayala jeep fare collector. Though he's technically not a stranger as we've been familiar with each other for four years already.

I'll talk about my pregnancy in more detail after my first trim. Pregnancy signs, what I went through, did I make lihi or not?, baby names! and other random stuff. But for now, let me just rest and talk to my baby Dotty. Have a good day, everyone!

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