Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What's cooking?


Because it's work night, I've no energy to whip up something better than canned sardines. I've occasionally been craving for spicy sardines and those cravings were perennially unmet so you can just imagine my delight to finally eat this!

And because I still have a pack of misua left over in the fridge, I decided to put some in! Flavor it with some salt and pepper and voila!

I loved the taste I ate so much! Mon found it a tad bit spicy but he ate a hearty serving nonetheless. I vowed to use regular flavored sardines next time. Mon can't stand spicy food. He's more inclined to eat sweet food or sour food, or salty food... anything but spicy! Which makes me wonder, how can we be so alike in so many things yet so different in our food preferences? I can only guess.

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