Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Big Bang Honeymoon: Misibis Bay

I've been so so busy and so so lazy that it has been almost 5 months since my honeymoon and I still haven't shared it with you!

Truthfully, I didn't think we'd have a honeymoon right after we got married. I thought we were going to wait for our 1st year anniversary to travel but God has other plans! My SIL gifted us with a weekend accommodation at Misibis Bay and the husband secretly bought us plane tickets! And so a week after getting married, we packed our bags and flew to Bicol for our first adventure as husband and wife.

A very cute couple bound for Bicol!

...and look who decided to tag along!

By the time we arrived at the resort, the sky was gray and tiny droplets of rain were falling. After checking in, we immediately headed to our villa so we can freshen up a bit. Then we proceeded to the restaurant for lunch.


After eating, we went back to our villa for some R&R. We were so full, we fell asleep!

here we are lovin' the king-sized bed

Come late afternoon, the husband surprised me again with a sunset cruise! Our own private boat!

reading the waiver. it's this thing we need to sign before we take the cruise.

But we decided to reschedule our cruise the next day since obviously, there won't be any sunset to see in that kind of weather. We took pictures of ourselves by the beach instead.


And inside the resort, as well.


We played table tennis. No scoring though.

this is one sport I love to play but never get the chance to.

That night before eating dinner, we hung around by the pool just doing what we do best-- talking, stargazing, laughing, bonding, resting... enjoying each other's company.

The next day is the same routine. After waking up, we went out to eat brunch, then back to our villa to rest and watch some TV, lunch, sleep, then by late afternoon we were ready to take our cruise!

Dress: Chill
Cardigan: Kamiseta
Slippers (not in photo): Havaianas

It's a sunny day!!

To cap our day off, we headed to the resort's in-house spa for a full body massage. No pictures, sorry!

After our spa treatment, I was hungry as a bear! The surprises ain't over, much to my delight! Mon pre-arranged a lovely dinner for us by the shore.. so romantic!! He even gave me a bouquet of flowers!

It was truly an evening of surprises... and not just for me! When we got back to our villa after dinner, we found our room set romantically-- fully air conditioned with intimate lighting, twin bath towels shaped as swans on our bed, our bathroom filled with votive candles and rose petals, the bath tub filled with warm water and bubbles and petals! I asked Mon, "Did you do this?" and he said, "No, I am just as surprised as you are!"

I never thought I could love Misibis Bay more but I did! Oh I so did!


We spent our last day just taking pictures around the place. We didn't swim or go to the beach anymore because we were set to leave the resort by lunchtime. 


We had a very memorable stay in Misibis Bay. I loved every minute of it I was so sentimental when we were about to leave. I was just so so happy, I can't contain it! Thanks, Honey!


  1. Hi Jen, I wish makapunta rin kami dyan ni hubby for our 1st year wedding anniversary.. medyo pricey lang kc eh.. btw, i love reading your blog, nakakarelate kc ako.. Hope you can visit mine too.


    1. Thanks, Rackell! Try to look for deals sa internet, I think may nakita ako one time they offered accommodations in Misibis at 50% off! :)

    2. Hi Jenny, kahit siguro mag 50% off sya mahal parin.. waahh..
      btw, sweet naman ni hubby mo. :) Wait ko yung post mo about sa baby mo soon! :) Stay in-love and pretty!