Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday is chores day

I am very happy to announce that today was a very productive day for me! I was able to cook lunch adobo!, sweep the floor in our room and living and dining areas, iron my work clothes, and cook soup for merienda! Mon and I also went out to visit some home stores and bought a chopping board and a small frying pan.

I am so happy with my cooking because finally, success na ang adobo ko! I swear, this is the first time I cooked adobo na ang lambot ng meat at tamang tama ang lasa. Well, the taste of my previous adobos are fine naman except that I just used Mama Sita's and nothing else. So in short, "cheat" siya. My adobo earlier is still "cheat" kasi I still used Mama Sita's to marinate the meat but I tweaked the taste a bit while cooking by adding whole pepper, laurel leaves, soy sauce, and vinegar. That has to count, right?

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