Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mid-day update

Let me tell you how my day has been so far.

Last night on our way home from the mall, the husband begged me not to wake him up this morning so I didn't. I woke up at around past 9, went down to get some cheesy brownies and water, went back to our room, browsed the internet for some interesting recipes, went down to cook lunch i finally tasted Hormel!, blogged, and read blogs.

At 11:55, the husband finally woke up. We ate lunch while watching the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory. We cuddled a bit, then I went back to reading blogs while he laid down for a few minutes and is now, as I type, reading manga on his iPad.

What a lazy Saturday... just how we like it! Now if only I can drag him out of the house to some home stores this evening, then today will be perfect!

UPDATE 05/11/13 9:14 PM
I wasn't able to convince him to visit home stores but he promised we'll do it on Monday! Yipee!! :)


  1. Congrats on the Hormel! I expect a full review on Tuesday. Hehe. :) -MG

  2. Thanks! Mon and I thought it tastes the same as Spam. As in walang pinagkaiba! :)