Monday, April 8, 2013

Why we all should look where we're going

Last week as I was walking along Valero, I started daydreaming. I was so deep in thought as I walked past the people in the street when BAM! a barker's elbow hit the ride side of my head HARD!!! Sa sobrang lakas, I felt like nakipaglaban ako sa isang galit na Manny Paquiao. Honest. Ang sakit talaga. It was the first time after a very long time that my head swelled up like it did. Kalurkey.

In fairness, the man was very apologetic. Hindi ko na siya inaway kasi bakit pa? I know he didn't mean to do it. It was an accident. But of course that didn't stop me from giving him dagger looks as he screamed (Yes, scream talaga. You know how barkers are) "Ma'am sorry ho! Sorry talaga! Ma'am sorry!" Even as I walk away, I can hear him shout "Ma'am! Sorry talaga haaaaa!"

So much for daydreaming.

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