Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Our Korean Escapade!

My mother called me up one January morning, totally out of the blue.

"I-ready mo ang passport niyo ni Mon. Punta tayo sa Korea sa Holy Week."

"Ha? Expiring na yung passport ko in 6 months. I can't travel na."

"Edi ipa-renew mo na para umabot. Bilisan mo na ha. Kukuha pa tayo ng visa. Kausapin mo ate mo. Siya yung may alam ng details."

"Ha? Hindi na lang kaya kami sasama ni Mon?"

"Anong hindi sasama? Sumama na kayo. Ayaw mo ba dun?"

"Ok lang..."

"Ay sige na, magpa-renew ka na ng passport mo."

Fast forward to Easter Sunday. Our first day back from Korea. I'm happy to have added another chunk of memories in my life bank. It's a different experience altogether! And our first out of the country adventure as husband and wife. ^.^

Day one... strolling around Nami Island and Mt. Seorak National Park

Nami Island
Nami Island
This island is the shooting venue of the hit Koreanovela "Winter Sonata".
Mt. Seorak
Mt. Seorak National Park
Where the husband touched snow for the very first time! And all he can say was, "Parang yelo lang sa freezer!"

Day two... photoshoot around MBC Dramia, saw Koreanovela characters live! ... watched shows and went to the safari at Everland Theme Park... gone up the observatory of the N Seoul Tower.

MBC Dramia
MBC Dramia
Inside the palaces.
MBC Dramia
At the slums.
Everland Theme Park
Highlight of my Everland visit: Sailor Moon's wand! See upper right picture. Moon crystal power make up!
N Seoul Tower
N Seoul Tower
Imitating Jun Pyo (of Boys Over Flowers) in lower right picture. That part where he's waiting for Jan Di in front of the tower.

Day three... visited Gyeongbok Palace and the National Museum... passed by Blue House... food trip at Gwangjang Market... bought some tabs at the Ginseng Shop... retail therapy at Duty Free, watched the Drum Cats Show sorry, no pictures after the Gwangjang Market!...

Day 3
Korea is officially where I tasted the best-tasting strawberry in the world! Bottom row, second picture from left.

Day four... went to Kimchi School and actually learned how to make Kimchi... wore the traditional Korean Hanbok... got a facial at the Skin Anniversary... visited the Teddy Bear Museum... outdoor shopping at the Lotte Premium Outlets...

Day 4
Immersing ourselves in Korean culture

The best of Korea...
... being able to visit places where famous koreanovelas are shot such as Nami Island (Winter Sonata) and N Seoul Tower (Boys Over Flowers).
... Korean food! I literally never went hungry in Korea. Their food is a little spicy, which really captured my taste.
... friendly Korean people. ^.^
... learning Korean phrases like Annyeong Haseyo, Kamsa Hamnida, and Saranghaeyo, which means Hello, Thank you, and I love you. Annyeong Haseyo can also mean good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and goodbye.
... running and getting stuck in a mound of snow to take a picture with my husband.
... learning about Korean history from our tour guide during long drives.
... eating street food at the Korean wet market.
... seeing a Liger for the first time (cross breed of Lion and Tiger).
... holding hands (or gloves???) with the husband throughout the trip.
... braving the cold weather at the outdoor premium outlets to purchase the perfect souvenir bag.
... experiencing a hi-tech toilet bowl for the first time! heated seats with automatic bidet. heated floors too!
... getting a Korean facial.
... wearing the traditional Korean outfit, Hanbok.
... learning how to make Kimchi.

Here's wishing for more savings to get to take more trips!

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