Monday, April 8, 2013

I had the weirdest dream

I had a dream last night and it's the weirdest dream I have ever had. It's a tragic love story with a happy twist, if you can call turning into a cartoon a happy twist. Oops! Spoiler alert!

It was about an ex and a friend of mine. In the real world, they don't know each other. Really. I checked in Facebook. Haha! That's why it's so hard for me to believe na sila ang magka-partner sa panaginip ko. Anyhoo.

This is as far as I can remember: I was walking in a street in the direction of my ex's house. Kailangan ko raw ng kausap (Hahahahahaha!!! Walang basagan ng panaginip). So I went to his house daw and we started talking about random stuff. After a while, his wife arrived and naturally, she treated me coldly. So I went on my way.

Next scene. I was in William Shaw Theatre in La Salle. My friend is a theatre artist and I'm there with Mon to watch her play. Her role was kind of liberated and it required her to show some skin. 

Pagdating namin ni Mon sa William Shaw, she and a bunch of other artists were rehearsing onstage. While rehearsing, medyo revealing na yung clothes niya. When Mon and I were seated, I realized that I left the camera in the car so I went out to get it. Pagbalik ko, I saw my ex walking angrily towards my artist friend, snatched her up from the stage and started dragging her palabas. My ex daw kasi was very conservative. Ayaw niya yung mga revealing clothes and stuff. Turned out, they were lovers pala. My friend was "the other woman" and she felt so frustrated with their situation because she will never be the legal wife (remember, my ex is married na in my dream) kaya para siyang nagrerebelde. Halfway out the theatre, my friend grabbed a cigarette lighter from a person seated in the audience and, wailing so hard, she set herself on fire! Ang tragic diba!

Here's the funny part. If you've watched Coyote and Road Runner in Looney Tunes, you'd get this. 

While my friend was burning, BOOM! Biglang ganto ang naging ichura niya. Everything turned into cartoon. Black smoke and soot and all. Same expression pa talaga! Parang comedy lang.


Tapos ito pa, when she died, she turned into Princess Jasmine and my ex turned into Alladin, which is super weird kasi hindi naman namatay yung ex ko. ???

Alladin Jasmine

But anyway, in the end they finally got their happy ending! :)

The end.


  1. Good thing naalala mo pa dream mo. Minsan kasi di ko maalala lahat ng details ng panaginip ko. =)

    At least happy ending. =)

  2. This one is really vivid sakin nung paggising ko. It doesn't happen often, pero nangyari with this one. Btw, kilala mo yung girl diyan sa story. ;p At matatawa ka ng wagas pag nalaman mo kung sino yun. So unlikely!