Monday, April 8, 2013

Highlights of my day

Today was good because of these things:
1. Mon and I were able to leave the house earlier than usual
2. I was able to get a good seat at the shuttle this morning
3. I discovered another amazing viand at Lola's, which I fondly call, "The Unassuming Porkchop"
4. I was able to eat fresh fruit for dessert, which supports my quest for healthy eating
5. I was able to buy beef stew (that looks like Afritada, or is that the same thing?) and pork sinigang for dinner!
6. The sinigang survived! Not even a drop spilled despite the MRT chaos and rough trike ride I went through going home
7. I was able to come home earlier than I expected
8. I am able to blog tonight! A first after several months!
9. The anticipation for tomorrow! No work! Just a whole day to be spent bonding with my loving husband. :)
10. Dinner! Beef stew and sinigang await! =)

And last but not the least...
11. I finally got through Level 23 in Candy Crush!!! I got stuck in the same level for days. Nakakafrustrate na. Sa sobrang frustrated ko pag nauubusan ako ng life, I play Infinity Blade after mailabas ko lang ang gigil ko sa Candy Crush na 'yan. Balitaan ko kayo pag nakalampas na ako sa Level 29. Hopefully, hindi ko pa naihagis ang iPad ko by then. Haha! ^.^

Life indeed is so much better if we acknowledge the little things that make us happy. As they say, life is too short to be anything else but happy. So let's live life the best way we can by being thankful for the little things! Kung tutuusin, those things nga are what really make or break our day diba?

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