Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pause from wedding preps

i am so itching to go back to my normal life! grabe. wedding preps is taking so much of my time but it's 3 weeks to go na lang so go go go!

i am also itching to go back to regular programming here in my blog. as much as i enjoy posting my wedding teasers, i miss blogging about other stuff too like makeup and clothes and basically what happens to me everyday! not that i post so much about those before wedding preps took over my life... but still. i miss posting random things.

so why don't i? kasi naman, everytime i try to do that i just remember the truckload of stuff i need to do for the wedding so.... priority lang diba.

anyway, ho-zey. some random stuff.

i just want to say that i love love love the final twilight movie! so much that i'm watching it again tonight! i watched it yesterday afternoon with the other november-december birthday celebrants. thank you, smart!

ama-lovin' the holiday make up collection from the body shop. i tried it yesterday at the body shop's make up counter. the lady happily coated my face with makeup while i chatted with her about the twilight movie. so daldal was i.

just a thought about the amalayer thingy spreading like wildfire in facebook. kawawa naman siya. whatever she did, she does not deserve being bashed so cruelly in cyberspace. although in my opinion, whatever the lady guard did to her, it's no excuse for her (amalayer) behavior. so. wala lang. peace.

i want a green starbucks planner! so pretty.

i am so happy for a friend at work who is now exploring the world of makeup! she says she's becoming maarte na. haha call it whatever but i believe a girl should always strive to look her best. i believe that kahit hindi ko nagagawa 100% of the time. iba kaya yung feeling na when you look in the mirror maiisip mo na, "ang ganda ganda ko!" diba nakaka-happy!? :p

so there. enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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