Sunday, November 18, 2012

Let's talk about makeup!

i've been a makeup junkie since my early twenties and believe me when i say that i have tried so many products before i found the right ones for me. there is nothing really easy about finding the right makeup. marami ka talagang aalalahanin. your skin color, skin type, it all plays a big role in choosing the right makeup. also, it's not enough that you choose, you also have to know what it does to your skin once you apply it. you see, minsan iba iba ang "effect" ng makeup sa iba't-ibang tao. like, a person with dry face would be better off using liquid-type products for extra moisturizing. that sort of stuff.

a random thought. some people think makeup is such a waste of time and money but i think iba rin talaga when a woman knows how to do her own makeup. i also think a lot of people will agree with me on this. but so as not to confuse you, makeup is different from skincare. skincare, hands down, is so much more important than makeup. it's like having a clean sheet of paper as canvas for a painter. just think, how much beauty will a painting ever be if you use a crappy canvas, right? hope you get what i mean. :p

anyway. i wrote here that i love the body shop's holiday makeup collection. i really do! here is a picture of my latest purchase.


it's the 4-colour eye palette in smoky copper. one thing i like about it is that there's an instruction at the back of the box about how you're gonna put it on. of course, how you put it is not restricted with the instructions in the box but for beginners in this kind of thing, it's really helpful!

another thing i like about it is that the colors are perfect to use during the day. i know it seems like the two bottom colors are dark for day use but it's really not. when you apply it, it gives just a subtle hint of dark color which is great for contouring the outer part of the lids. i haven't tried putting it on me yet (although the lady at the body shop's makeup counter did try it on me before i bought it) but i will try to post a picture of me with this on soon. or maybe a makeup tutorial? weh? feeling! :p

i just love lazy sundays.

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