Friday, October 26, 2012

[reposted from iamsuperjen] 12.30.10 My Christmas Curls

the desire to have my locks permed started when a friend curled my hair at our departmental Christmas party. i’ve been wanting to get my hair curled for the longest time but i didn't know where to go to achieve the kind of curl that I want. the last time i went out to get a perm, my hair was so curled up that i had it straightened after a month because i didn’t like how it looked. needless to say i was a bit traumatized by the experience.

so as I was saying, i loved the way my friend curled my hair at our party. i had big wavy curls that flowed around my neck, which is perfect because my hair length is neither too long nor too short. in the next few days, i toyed with the idea of getting a perm for the second time in my life. i vowed that this time though, i would do proper research before i subject my hair to perming chemicals. i wouldn't go to any salon just like i did the last time.

i searched the internet for details and asked people in facebook for any helpful information about digiperm. good thing the internet is swarming of digital perming facts and i am lucky to have friends who were kind and generous enough to give out information and reply to my query in fb. a few days later, i booked an appointment at Be@utybrick Hair Art Studio for an afternoon of digital perming madness.

why Be@utybrick?

Beauty Brick Hair Art Studio 

i was actually eyeing Tony & Jackey at first but a former officemate recommended this salon. i haven’t heard of it before in my life so I consulted Mr. Google about it. i liked what i saw!

another reason why i chose Be@utybrick instead of T&J is because of its great service. according to threads i’ve read on the internet, Be@utybrick is supposedly A+ in terms of service so i would really, really like to try that firsthand.

but the most important reason of all and this made me really go to Be@utybrick instead of T&J is the price. Be@utybrick delivers the same kind of service at a more affordable price (3k+ vs. 4k+). so really, i consider their pocket-friendliness a big , big plus. here are photos after the jump.

this is it!

here I am when my curls are being done. I usually bring my own books whenever I’m at the salon because treatments get so tagaaaal!

reading The Lightning Thief
there's Mr. Shin!
a close-up shot on the machine
wall designs
oohhh curls!
there's Mr. Shin styling my hair

of course once I shampooed my hair, the curls became a bit loose. i kind of expected that to happen because i digipermed my hair just one month after i had it straightened. Mr. Shin warned me about it too. curls tend to last longer in virgin hair, he says. whatever! i still love my curls coz it looks like i have this gorgeous mermaid waves. i’m definitely, definitely going back to Mr. Shin next time around. :)

Beauty Brick Hair Art Studio
Unit 103 Dona Consolacion Bldg.
122 Jupiter St., Bel-Air, Makati City
Contact Numbers: (02) 473-5108, (0917) 520-0044

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