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Overnight at The Boutique Bed and Breakfast

Around a month before the long weekend, I booked an overnight stay at The Boutique Bed and Breakfast in Tagaytay. This is as far as Mon and I are going to get in terms of vacation this year since we have been saving money for more important things.

Anyway, I was in charge of looking for the perfect accommodation for us when I remembered a blog I read sometime ago regarding The Boutique. I read so many reviews and quite honestly, some of 'em weren't good, though some really raved about the place! I decided to follow my instinct and booked 'em anyway since I read from the reviews that The Boutique had been constantly improving the place and their service. And boy, did I make the right decision!

If I were to rate this using a 1-10 scale, 10 being the highest, this would be a whopping 11! 12 sana if the security guard on the parking lot paid attention to (a.k.a assist) the cars trying to park. 13 if they gave us more espasol. :))))

Ok, before you expect too much, I have to say this. I am not a picky traveler. I don't rate things based on a certain standard. I simply rate them based on my experience and I don't look for much. I am very easy to please, well, at least that's what I think.

Here are pictures after the jump.

Our room was as dreamy as it can be!

The lovely bed and breakfast has seven rooms we can choose from. Each room is named after an emotion. I Escape, I Surrender, I Love, I Dream, I Desire, I Dare, and I Lust. The look and feel of each room is patterned to the emotion. The room I chose was I Dream. I chose this because I love the interior, which is all white and everybody knows I love the color white!

White! White! White!
I look weird. Hahaha! Was watching TV here, I think.

The first thing I loved about the room is the bed and the maaaaany pillows it has! In the picture, I was literally swimming in pillows! As soon as the service crew left us, I put my bag down and run to the bed and dived with an ecstatic AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! Mon was laughing at me the whole time! :)))))

All smiles!

I was so lazy to get up, as lazy as the bear I was holding, who did nothing but sleep all the way through the vacation. Hehe!!

The espasol was to die for! Yumyum!

Part of the package is welcome drinks. I didn't know there was welcome food too so this was quite a surprise. They gave us espasol with chocolate dip. Aaaaannngggg saarraaaappp!!! The espasol wasn't enough though. I wanted more!

I'm famished!

Mon was taking a picture of me the whole time that when he finished taking pictures, the espasol was all gone! Hahahahaha!!! Who says I'm demure??? If you do, then you're probably not my friend. Hahahaha!!! If you insist, why thank you!

Lunch overlooking Taal, why not?!

We ordered food from the famous Hawaiian Barbeque restaurant downstairs. We would've eaten there if there wasn't too many people! Grabe, may waiting list pa! That's how famous the food there is. But nonetheless, it was perfect coz we had lunch in our own veranda, just the two of us. More romantic! :)))))

The Kahlua Pork Belly

This is what we ate. The Kahlua Pork Belly. We loved it! It was just enough for us two. We also had a refreshing Mango Smoothie. Mon loved the Smoothie. He says it tasted as if they blended ripe and green mango together. I think they just used ripe mango that was not so ripe yet. It was yummy, nonetheless.

At this point, he was really hungry na but I forced him to smile while I take his picture!

Who's that pogi boy over there?? None other than my main man, my dear kambal, my HoneyMon! Mon made my life easier that day. He did everything for me. He was like my yaya and boyfriend in one! It felt like I was being courted all over again. Hehe!

DSC_0085 - Copy

This is what happens when two stomachs are deprived of food in the morning. There is nothing left except for the fat!

After lunch, it was my time to take pictures so I took some key items in the room and snap! snap! snap!

Our funny welcome note.

First of all, we're not married yet and second of all, I don't wear the pants in this relationship! But of course, the crew doesn't have a way of knowing that since it was I who booked the accommodations and all. :)

Our room key
The breakfast slip

This is where we put our choice of breakfast for the next day. It needs to be hanged in the door knob outside the night before. We had a choice of Continental, Hawaiian, Filipino, and American Breakfasts. It also includes 2 drinks for each person, one hot and one cold, and a choice of fruit for dessert. :)

Our toiletries.

One thing I loved about The Boutique is that all guests are given the opportunity to choose their own toiletries. They have their own line of body bath and beauty essentials called "Pamper Me". As we checked in, we were led to a small room where we can choose our own scent of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, soap, and room scent. Mon loved the scent of soap I chose for him! It was Peppermint, I think.

The Boutique's Pamper Me line.
Mon checking out the Pamper Me basket. :)))
The basket also includes a laundry bag, which I found very useful!
Mon is watching Gossip Girl! Would you believe???

A knock on the door indicated that our masseuse had arrived! The accommodation package included a complimentary 10-minute facial cold stone massage or foot massage. We chose the facial massage and boy, was it cold! No pictures, though. 

Sitting pogi!

Mon loved the bed. It was so comfortable and big! With different kinds of pillows, big and small. I think Baby Bear loved the bed too, dawnchatink?? :)))

Had a Gossip Girl marathon right here.

Mon and I are big TV buffs. Yes, we have different tastes in TV shows. I watch The Vampire Diaries and he doesn't. He watches 24 and I don't. But there are some TV shows we both like, like The Big Bang Theory and Glee and surprisingly, Gossip Girl!

The luckiest girl with the sweetest guy!

We're picture addicts too! Well, not as much as others but yeah, we love taking pictures of each other and of ourselves together. That's a pretty blurry one up there, though.

Here's a pogi shot, right here...
...a not-so-pretty shot, right here...
...and a shot of us together!
Here's Mon, carefully choosing some movies to watch.

After the Gossip Girl marathon during the day and watching some bit of news, we went to the DVD library to borrow some movies. I chose New Moon and Mon chose Titanic ...because I've never seen Titanic before. Hahahaha!!!

The famous Hawaiian Barbeque's Baby Back Ribs!

We had dinner in our room coz just like lunch time, the restaurant downstairs was packed! This was kind of a bummer really coz I wanted to try eating in the restaurant that night. But, oh well. It was our fault coz we didn't call the front desk to reserve ahead of time.

Dinner in bed while watching New Moon!

After dinner, Mon took a shower and was ecstatic to find guest robes in the closet! He gamely posed for pictures! He looked kinda Japanese-y right here. I kinda freaked out. Hahaha!

Guess who loved the bathrobe???
Native Hot Chocolate with Churros

At around 10pm, our "midnight snack" arrived! This was also included in the accommodation package. So you see, with all the food we had eaten, from the welcome drinks and espasol to the kalhua pork belly to the baby back ribs to the midnight snack, we never starved since we arrived. There was always food! Oh, I almost forgot, there was also a bedside nibbler in the room, which I forgot to take a picture of because I ate it without remembering I had to take a picture of it first!

We spent the rest of our waking night watching the first half of Titanic. Such a long movie! ...and a tear-jerker too! We slept peacefully that night.

I woke up to this view. Nice, isn't it?

I woke up ahead of Mon and this is what greeted me on our veranda.

Good morning, sunshine!

Mon finally woke just as our breakfast arrived at 9am in the morning. It was a big and hearty breakfast. It was great!

Our big breakfast

There's our complimentary bread with jam and butter, Mon's Daing na Bangus, my Egg Omelette with Spam, mango for dessert, hot chocolate, and water! The Mango Juice was not captured in the photo.

Hi! My name is Baby Bear!

Guess who finally woke up and joined us for breakfast? Baby Bear is kind of our "baby". He has 2 older brothers, Monmon and Puto, who didn't join us in Tagaytay because they wanted to stay at home. Baby Bear is the most "gala" among the three. He joined us too in our Boracay breakfast, remember?

Baby Bear-Bora
Our Baby Bear, all white and innocent in Boracay last year.

We watched the second half of Titanic during breakfast. Look who's glued to the TV! Hehe! Then it's time to pack and head for home!


Here's Mon and I, savoring the last minutes of our trip. *sigh*

When we checked out, we were surprised to get a goodbye gift, a tiny gold box full of white and milk chocolate goodies with rice crispies. The box was tied with a red ribbon and has a tag that says "Fall in love all over again at The Boutique."

Our farewell gift from The Boutique staff. One BIG SMILE!!! :))))

Well, I don't know about falling in love all over again because that would mean that I had ceased to fall in love to fall in love again. In my case, I say no need! coz with Mon, I am in love, all the time! :)

The Boutique Bed & Breakfast
#45 Aguinaldo Highway, Silang Crossing East, Tagaytay City
Contact Number(s): (046) 860-2716, (046) 413-1798, (0927) 363-2660

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