Thursday, October 25, 2012

A quick update

I just noticed that I haven't been blogging about what's really happening to me these past few weeks. So many things still have to be done for the wedding. When people ask me if I'm finished with the preps, I always say that "you're never really finished with the preparations until your wedding day". Like, a week before the big day, we still have to create the actual guest list. Wala talagang katapusan ito!

At work, I'm busy busy busy! When I get home at night, I really just wanna lie down and read blogs or sleep. On weekends, it's meetings meetings meetings! It's the same routine every single day for the past few weeks so I never really get the chance to update this blog more often.

Tomorrow is a holiday and so hopefully I'd get to post something else apart from my wedding teasers. Speaking of wedding teasers, I hope you guys are not getting tired of it yet because there's more to come!

This is it for now. I'm blogging at work and my lunch break's almost over. Bye bye and have a happy weekend!

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