Sunday, September 9, 2012

My old Viao has been resurrected

wow, this picture is an oldie. short hair? say whaaat?

I was recently rummaging through my old stuff looking for items I can sell or give away when I found my old Vaio, dusty but still looking great! Ilang beses ko na ring napag-isipang ibenta si Vaio pero medyo nakakapanghinayang kasi ang ganda ganda pa niya. good as new pa talaga! The specs aren't outdated either so I've decided to use it in spite of the defective fan.

Since wala naman akong alam sa pag-repair ng computers, I asked Mon if he can do something about it. So he opened it up, put thermal paste and baby oil in it, and voila! Okay na siya. Sana lang talaga hindi na umingay yung fan ulit. Sony repair is so expensive! We inquired sa service center yesterday and they said labor + replacement will cost  a whopping six thousand pesos, Aacckk!! Poor wallet.

I had gotten used to using my netbook for the past 1 and a half years so now I am adjusting to using a laptop with a bigger screen. Naligayahan naman ako ng wagas. Sarap mag Facebook, Sarap mag-blog, Sarap sumagot ng e-mail, Sarap lahat! Haha!

Speaking of answering e-mails, I better do just that. Wedding to do's await!

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